Here is your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S21

Recharge with any Vodafone prepaid pack for QR 10 or above for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S21. Each Qatari Riyal spent on recharge equals to 1 point. The higher the recharge amount, the higher the chances of winning. Promotion ends on 15 December 2021.
This promotion is applicable on recharges of QR 10 or above done using any channel such as My Vodafone App, Vodafone Website, Banking Applications, Recharge cards, eTopup, eVoucher and recharges bought at Vodafone stores.

30 Lucky winners will be announced every
month for 3 months

30 winners from the second draw held on 16 November 2021

Name Mobile No
Lakkikha Liyana Gamage 97430738405
Bechan Miya 97430257820
Anup Dhimal 97470677653
Anwar Hossain Khan Ahamad Khan 97431104159
Sanjay Kumar Thakur 97470531676
Najla Alhajri 97430390806
Wachiraporn Ektasaeng 97470474682
Abul Hasan Sheik Babu 97474439353
Bulet Alam 97431620578
Akarshan Dash 97431077324
Narayan Prasad Sapkota 97431322836
Kishor Ban 97431267422
Ismail Khan Pathan 97477303419
Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed Aboukila 97470436111
Mohd Aslam 97430454614
Tulasram Kami 97470682159
Slim Hamdi 97470577486
Dinlsha Srimali Mahamada Kalapuwagl 97430212805
Shan Shabin Shajahan 97431035025
Mohammad Rana 97430834863
Pratiman Bote 97477681324
Amahan Chenny 97431230820
Sundharrajan Radhakrishnan 97431022839
Wilfredo Padilla Bautista 97430906146
Sohel Uddin 97470329540
Jushwar Sada 97474010075
Baheruddin Aminullah 97430481011
Dilip Singh 97470671487
Jakir Uddin 97477316130
Abderrahmane Snani 97477943179

30 winners from the first draw held on 17 October 2021

Name Mobile No
Ariful Islam 97430018244
Wenhang Limbu 97430049375
Nath Rana 97430051704
Sunil Teli 97430075029
Shamsudeen Nalichira Kalathil 97430077947
Nar Patel 97430089847
Mohamath Maspi Kachchi Mohamed 97430124190
Vijendra Singh 97430141670
Pralad Prasai 97430153659
Jishnu Mohanan 97430172686
Amin Ibrahim 97430249299
Ram Gulam Mahato 97430284549
Ananta Giri 97430289046
Mahbub Alom 97430289918
Waqas Alam Khan 97430342475
Shakir Mahmoud 97430357637
Aswin Palleri 97430366450
Alom Karim 97430390065
Vijay Yadav 18 97430391541
Amad Ahmad Raees Ahmad Ansari 97430424780
Mir Asghar 97430432005
Sundara Murugesu 97430470974
Ummerfarooq Cheriyath 97430476501
Muhammad Umair Q M Ayaz 97430513721
Ghinwa 97430580100
Anirudra Chaudhary 97430591242
Aravindakshan Pillai Valiyathu Sreedharan Pillai 97430710181
Sansuddin Sansuddin 97430734675
Harold Yutuc Kabiling 44 97430741692
Phai Tamang 97430742794

FAQs - Recharge for a chance to win Samsung S21

  • Who are eligible for this promotion?
    • All Vodafone prepaid customers are eligible for this promotion.
  • How can I enroll for this promotion?
    • You have to recharge with QR 10 or above to be eligible for this promotion.
  • How can I increase my chances of winning?
    • 1 QAR = 1Point. Recharge with more to get more points and you increase chances of winning
  • Do I have to recharge daily to win or once in a month?
    • Our lucky draw dates are 17th Oct 21, 16th Nov 21 and 16th Dec 21. On these days we will select 30 winners.  You must recharge before these dates to be eligible for lucky draw. More you recharge , better are the chances of winning
  • How many handsets can I win in this draw?
    • One mobile number can only win once during promotion period. However, customer can win more than once if he/she participates with multiple mobile numbers.
  • When is promotion starting?
    • Promotion starts from 16th Sep 2021 and ends on 15th Dec 2021
  • How will I come to know that I have won Samsung Galaxy S21
    • We will call you and also send SMS informing you about the prize.
  • What happens if I am unable to pick your call?
    • We understand that you may be busy when we call you. We will make 3 call attempts. However, if you don’t respond in 3 attempts – then we will select another winner.
  • From where I have to collect my prize?
    • We will inform you date, time and venue over call.
  • What documents are required to collect prize?
    • We would require your QID / passport copy. Also make sure that winning mobile number should be in your name and your QID/passport number should match with Vodafone database. If found otherwise -you would be disqualified
  • Will I be eligible for this if I recharge on website or App?
    • Yes, you will be eligible to win when recharging with QR 10 or above using the website or My Vodafone App. And that’s not all, you will also get 12% extra value for all recharges of QR 50 and above done online or via My Vodafone app.