Vodafone Qatar Whistleblowing

Vodafone Qatar is committed to maintain high standards in terms of governance practices, transparency, honesty, integrity, ethical dealing, and accountability.

The objective of the whistleblowing section is to provide communication channels through which all Vodafone Qatar external stakeholders could, in good faith, raise concerns in confidence and report any activity that violates laws, regulations, improper practices, the code of business conduct, or Vodafone Qatar policies and decisions, in order to protect them and their respective rights.

Vodafone Qatar undertakes to investigate, remedy, and respond to all good faith complaints or concerns within a reasonable timeframe. The whistle-blower must provide sufficient information to enable an investigation.


Whistleblowing Reporting Channels
Whistle-blowers shall report their concerns, in writing, using one of the following channels:

  1. Email: whistleblowing.qatar@vodafone.qa
  2. Post: Head of Corporate Security, Vodafone Qatar P.Q.S.C., Msheireb Dowtown, 4th Floor, Bldg 2L-23, Street 981, Zone 3, PO Box 27727 Doha, Qatar

Whistleblowing Confidentiality
All the above channels are secured, protected and accessible only by authorized personnel. Vodafone Qatar maintains confidentiality of the whistleblowing reports.