Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodafone Qatar fiscal year?

The company’s fiscal year-end is 31 December.

At the Company’s EGA held on 18 October 2017, Vodafone Qatar changed its financial year end from 31 March to 31 December.

The Company's financial year will now run from 1 January to 31 December.

Who are the Company’s auditors?

Area 25, C-Ring Road

PO Box 4473, Doha, Qatar

Tel: +974 44576444

Fax: +974 4425626


When is the next earnings release?

Please refer to the financial calendar for the pre-announcement of publication dates

How can I get a copy of Vodafone Qatar financial results?

Please refer to the financial reports to download the financial documents.

How can I get a copy of the Company’s annual report?

It can be downloaded from our website.

When is the next General Assembly Meeting?

Please visit the General Assemblies link to see the next meeting date, invitation and proxy form.

How to receive the dividend payments?

To receive your dividend payment, please visit any Qatar National Bank (QNB) branch or contact the QNB shareholders service centre at (+974) 44252444 For more information, please visit this link .

When did Vodafone Qatar list its shares? What is its ticker symbol?

Vodafone Qatar’s shares were listed on Qatar Stock Exchange on 22 July 2009. The Company’s ticker symbol is “VFQS”. For more information, please visit the Trading Information section.

How many shares does Vodafone has listed?


What is Vodafone Qatar nominal value?

Vodafone Qatar nominal value is QAR 1 / share.

In line with the Qatar Financial Markets Authority's instructions to reduce the nominal value of the shares of companies and legal entities listed on Qatar Stock Exchange to one (1) Qatari Riyal each by way of a share split and in line with the Qatar Stock Exchange announcement about the share split implementation timetable from June 9, 2019 until July 7, 2019, Vodafone Qatar share split process has been executed effective Thursday, 04 July 2019. Click here for more information.

What is Vodafone Qatar paid-up share capital?

Vodafone Qatar paid-up share capital is QAR 4,227,000,000

The share capital of the Company has been reduced from QAR 8,454,000,000 to QAR 4,227,000,000 by way of reducing the nominal value of the shares of the Company from QAR 10 per share to QAR 5 per share. Click here for more information

How to open a shareholder account or modify the shareholder information?

To open a NIN account or modify a shareholder information please contact Qatar Central Securities Depository (QCSD) on the following address:

T: +974 4422 2410, F: +974 44221560
P.O.Box : 433 Doha – Qatar
Email: info@qcsd.com.qa

How do I buy Vodafone Qatar shares?

You can buy shares through a brokerage firm. Please visit Qatar Stock Exchange website for more information.

What is the Foreign Ownership Limit?

In accordance with the Foreign Investment Law 2014 and the Commercial Companies Law No. 11 of 2015, the Company’s Articles of Association were amended to permit a maximum foreign ownership threshold of 49% where previously there was no such restriction. This applies to all listed companies in Qatar.

How do I contact Vodafone Qatar Investor Relations?

Please contact Investor Relations by email at investorrelationsqatar@vodafone.com