Stock Split

In line with the Qatar Financial Markets Authority's instructions to reduce the nominal value of the shares of companies and legal entities listed on Qatar Stock Exchange to one (1) Qatari Riyal each by way of a share split and in line with the Qatar Stock Exchange announcement  about the share split implementation timetable from June 9, 2019 until July 7, 2019, Vodafone Qatar share split process has been executed effective Thursday, 04 July 2019.


Vodafone Qatar Shares split results:

New number of shares: 4,227,000,000 shares

Adjusted closing price: QR 1.42

Reduced nominal value: QR 1 / share


Before Vodafone Qatar Shares split: 

Previous number of shares: 845,400,000 shares

Previous closing price: QR 7.08

Previous nominal value: QR 5 / share


The Stock Split has NO IMPACT whatsoever on the shareholder’s equity or on the total value of the investor’s shares or on the share capital and market capital of the Company.

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