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Trading Information


Listed on Qatar Stock Exchange
Listing Date July 2009
Ticker Symbol VFQS
Industry Telecom
Paid-up share capital (QAR) 4,227,000,000*
Number of Shares 4,227,000,000**
Nominal value per share (QAR) 1**
Foreign Ownership Limit 49%
Free Float shares (as per 30 May 2018) 843,709,200
Market Capitalization (as per 30 May 2018) 6,847,740,000
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*The share capital of the Company has been reduced from QAR 8,454,000,000 to QAR 4,227,000,000 by way of reducing the nominal value of the shares of the Company from QAR 10 per share to QAR 5 per share.

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** The nominal value of the Company's shares has been reduced from QAR 5 to QAR 1 each by way of a share split.

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