Corporate Social Responsibility 

Social investment

Vodafone Qatar is acutely aware that the private sector shoulders a huge responsibility to the community it operates in. The Company’s social investments align to its purpose to connecting the people in Qatar and help them lead a better future by building a digital society that enhances socioeconomic progress and adheres to Vodafone Qatar’s leading social responsibility programme.

For that reason, the company takes pride in its several social investment initiatives that have benefited a wide segment of society since Vodafone Qatar started operations in 2009. This year, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic demonstrated the vital role that our connectivity services and products play in society.

Highlights of 2020 include:

Building And Maintaining Resilience Amid Covid-19

From the onset of the pandemic, Vodafone Qatar was quick to respond to  the  unprecedented  crisis  and rally behind national initiatives and ensure the most vulnerable communities received high-level support.

In light of this, all data usage charges have been waved for using Ehteraz, Qatar’s COVID-19 risk detector app. During the pandemic, Vodafone sent out more than 4 million health awareness messages to the country’s national manpower and provided bundles of free data to facilitate the process of training for workers and employees to become health ambassadors in their communities. The training was supervised and implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Public Health.

To facilitate remote learning, children under the care of the Orphan Care Centre (Dreama) and Protection Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN), were provided with high speed 5G internet connections, laptops and tablets. In addition, under the umbrella of a new partnership with the Education Above All Foundation, 1000 free Mi-Fi devices and data have been given to financially disadvantaged pupils enrolled in the local Assalam Schools.

The adverse socio-economic  impact  resulting  from the pandemic has impacted many and put vulnerable communities at more risk, making the yearly activities during the holy month of Ramadan even more important. During Ramadan, the Company donated QR 140,000 to Qatar Charity’s Food Baskets program that helped low- income families and labour workers unable to meet their daily nutritional needs. Similarly, Vodafone donated QR 100,000 to Qatar Red Crescent that went towards their Ramadan Iftar program. Education Above All Foundation also received a donation of QR 130,000 to ensure children of low-income families have equal access to education.

Inclusion For All

‘Inclusion for All’ is Vodafone Qatar’s key corporate social responsibility pillar – it is a commitment towards bridging the divides that exist and helping people equally contribute to the society through the technological tools we provide.

In keeping with this vision, the ‘Vodafone for All’ programme continues to provide people with disabilities and retired citizens with a 50% discount on Vodafone plans and a 10% discount on selected handsets with accessibility features.

Vodafone Qatar also prides itself for all of its flagship stores are staffed with retail advisors poised to communicate using sign language. Building on the sign language training delivered by the Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs in 2019, retail staff were given refresher training in the use of customer service and telecoms-related signs.

Digital Literacy

AmanTECH, Vodafone Qatar’s award-winning online safety program provides children, parents and teachers with the tools they need to safely navigate the digital world. As the world moves into a 100% connected society, the need for training in online safety has never been more pressing. Accordingly, Vodafone Qatar remains dedicated to educating young people and others on the online risks to ensure that the internet and social media can continue to play a positive role in society.

At the beginning of the year, the Company engaged more than 5000 school children at the Tarsheed Carnival organised by the Qatar Water & Electricity Corporation (KAHRAMAA). Through the AmanTECH Augmented Reality (AR) game, the children learnt about online safety through four interactive fun activities. The activities promoted user-friendly do’s and don’ts and pointers on creating a strong password, preventing cyberbullying, identifying fake messages and protecting personal information on the internet, and how to safely share photos and information on social media.

Easy Donations

Launched in 2017, “Easy Donations” is a monthly recurring charitable donation service for Post-paid customers.

Customers are able to select a monthly donation amount between QR 100 and QR 300 to go to one or both of the participating charity organizations Qatar Charity and Qatar Red Crescent. The selected charity receives one hundred percent of the donated amount. No additional fees are applied to either the customer or the charity organisation. In 2020, Easy Donations helped raise over QR 135,000.