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You’re the boss with our Flex plans

Flex gives you the flexibility to use your credit your way, and offers you and your family a host of benefits.

Flex Grow

Flex is the only plan that grows. Vodafone is offering more flex to its customers every month, the longer they stay on Flex plan the more flex allowance they will get.

The offer is available on all Flex postpaid Plans.
  • New Flex postpaid customers will get subscribed to this benefit by default (starting from 1 January 2019)
  • Customers who subscribe to this offer will no longer accumulate Vodafone Points
  • Existing Flex postpaid customers will have to opt-in to this feature Opt-in by dialling *248# or through My Vodafone App.
  • Prepaid customers are not eligible for this benefit
  • After 22nd month there are no more increases, however the extra allowance will continue for subscriber’s lifetime from there on
Flex Grow Terms & Conditions

Carry Forward Flex

With Vodafone Flex you can automatically carry forward your unused flex to the next month so you never lose the benefits you paid for.

Unused flex automatically gets added to the next month allowance for Postpaid users.

Prepaid users can carry forward unused flex by recharging with the same flex recharge, before the expiry of their current flex balance.

Spend Limit

Control your spend with Flex Postpaid and set a limit on out of bundle usage. For QR 150 & 200 plans, you can activate spend limit for only QR 3/month

Endless Internet

Never worry of running out of data with Endless Internet, once your flex & plan data gets over.

Endless internet is applicable on all Flex Postpaid plans.

  • Endless internet will start once the customer’s in-plan data allowance / flex allowance is over.
  • The internet speed with Endless Internet will be up to 64kbps.
  • Eligible customers will be able to opt-in for Endless Internet through My Vodafone app.
  • If the customer has subscribed to a data add-on, then the Endless internet will start once both the plan allowance & data allowance has finished.

Terms & Conditions

How to Flex like a boss

Using Flex is a simple way to control your credit. Like a boss you have the power to choose where to spend your flex be it on data, local or international calls and SMS.

  • 1 Local Minute
    = 1Flex
  • 1 SMS Local or International
    = 1Flex
  • 1GB Data
    = 147Flex
  • 1 Minute to India
    = 1Flex
  • 1 Minute to Egypt
    = 5Flex
  • 1 Minute to Pakistan
    = 4Flex

Flex like a boss with endless possibilities

Choose your Flex plan and get the most out of your flex. Select your plan and then use the sliders to find your perfect mix of data and calls.

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