While you're away

Sometimes when you go on holiday for a longer period, you want to keep your number but you don’t want the inconvenience of extra bills, especially if you don’t plan to use it. With Park Your Number Plus, you travel, but your number stays put. Once activated, you can travel up to 8 months without losing your number.

Keep your number

For an upfront fee of QR50, you can park your number for up to 4 months. During this period, your number will still be active, so you can still receive SMS and missed calls while roaming without any additional charges. However, you will be unable to make calls and send messages. After the 4 month duration you will be charged QR 25 every month.

Smart Tracker 1
Smart Tracker 1

Activate & Deactivate parking service

You can activate this service by contacting us via chat or on 111. To deactivate the parking service at anytime & resume your services fully , you can just drop a request thru My Vodafone App "Park my number' icon on the home page menu.

Note : If you wish to use data, voice calls or SMS while roaming, you can Park your number and activate Passport Pack at the same time. We recommend to change your bill limit to QR 100 to be able to activate passport pack which will reflect in your bill. In case you are NOT planning to use data or voice calls while roaming, we recommend to Park Your Number and change your bill limit to 1QR to avoid out of bundle charges while roaming. You can change your bill limit back to original value when you decide to unpark your number.

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