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It’s easy and free to bring your existing number to Vodafone.

How do I switch to Vodafone?

  1. Step 1

    Visit any Vodafone store and bring your valid Qatar ID, GCC ID or passport* with you

  2. Step 2

    Our helpful Retail Advisors will be there to assist you with selecting a Vodafone Plan that best suits your needs. Check all Plans here

  3. Step 3

    Read and sign the application form for switching. Once the application form is signed, we will ask to send us an SMS with the word “Switch” to 151.

  4. Step 4

    Please ensure that all your bills with your current operator are paid

  5. Step 5

    By the next working day, if your opperator approves your request, you will be switched to Vodafone!

*same ID document that was presented when applied with the previous provider