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Review of the year

The future is exciting. Ready?

As a young Qatari company, we are boldly optimistic about the future and genuinely excited about Vodafone’s role in shaping it. This made the Group’s global campaign - The future is exciting. Ready? – ideally suited to roll-out in Qatar.

Through this campaign, we have repositioned the Vodafone Qatar brand towards our new Group purpose of helping communities adapt, innovate and prosper in a rapidly changing world. This purpose is nicely consistent with Qatar’s 2030 vision. The campaign invites customers and all Qataris to embrace and enjoy the bright future we envisage together as partners.

Our video, “Nostalgia for the Future” was one of the most notable expressions of the campaign to date.

Launched on Qatar National Day, it embodied the essence of our progressive brand, services and innovations all while honouring Qatari traditions and customs. It perfectly expresses our optimism for Qatar, blending its rich history into an innovative future.

The Group recognised Vodafone Qatar for its outstanding delivery of the brand relaunch in 2017.

New slogan, fresh look. Now that’s exciting!

The new slogan and fresh look affirms our commitment to bring the best and most innovative products and services to Qatar.

The Vodafone “speech mark” now appears as the graphic focus of our messages. It has become a strong symbol of our commitment to place customer benefits at the heart of our brand.

The slogan, which replaces “Power to You”, in use since 2009, was deployed in all of Vodafone’s 36 markets in the biggest ad campaign in our 34-year history.

Ready to…empower customers

Alongside the campaign, we launched three services that empower customers to stay connected on their own terms. Each service is specially designed to resonate with a target customer segment in Qatar.

  1. Red. Offers an exclusive world of privileges and high-end services promoted by Qatari brand ambassadors. Hosts a suite of unique and customisable services.
  2. Flex. Empowers customers with the freedom to use their plan on their terms. Customers choose how to spend on data and minutes when and where they want.
  3. Daily123. Provides a platform with personalised offers delivered daily for prepaid customers. Ensures customers get the best value for the services they want.

Made in Qatar

Vodafone Qatar reflects the best of our global network stemming from our local roots. Operationally, we are committed to a 100 per cent “Made in Qatar” approach, and only work with local businesses to create and deliver our marketing materials.

This decision is driven by our strong commitment to help businesses in Qatar advance their capabilities and showcase their work across the globe. Vodafone Qatar was twice recognised by Vodafone Group this year: once for the outstanding delivery of the group brand relaunch, and second for its luxury approach to the iPhone X launch. Local agencies supported both campaigns.

Leveraging our global expertise to bring the latest innovations and business solutions to Qatar has been another focal point. We repositioned our enterprise brand as a global and tailor-made solutions provider, offering unparalleled expert advice to Qatari businesses. We were honoured to have CEOs of Qatari companies, including Msherieb, Meeza and Energy City publicly highlight Vodafone’s pivotal role in bringing global innovation and bespoke solutions to Qatar.

Digital First

The immediate future will see an acceleration of innovation in the digital space. Recognizing this opportunity, Vodafone Qatar is committed to being a digital first company. Enabling our customers to manage their relationship with us in the most convenient way lives at the heart of our brand and advances in digitalization make this more convenient than ever before. As a business, we are committed to building engaging digital content and services to interact with our customers and keep them informed of our best offers, no matter where they are.

Getting closer to our Customers

New Stores

We believe that leading in retail requires being geographically close to our customers, enabling as many face-to-face interactions as possible. That is why we now operate 29 retail stores across Qatar, three of which opened this year in Dar Al Salam, Gulf Mall and Doha Festival City with more planned for 2018.

The new stores are designed to bring customers on a branded journey based on convenience, transparency, simplicity and speed. The stores boast some unique features including terminals with best-selling devices and popular mobile accessories. We have also focused on training our team members to improve how they deliver the best advice and services at these locations.

The new stores blend the best of digital and human interaction in a personal, instant and easy way.

Direct Sales

Reaching potential customers where we lack a presence such as in Al Shahania and labour camps is a key part of our strategy. Our newly created direct sales team bridges this gap by taking the sale to the end customer. In July, we brought together agents with strong sales records and diverse nationalities to connect with and acquire new customers in these areas. Thanks to their efforts, these hard-to-reach customers are now a significant part of our monthly postpaid acquisitions.

Postpaid services

We have expanded our distribution by offering postpaid sales in 150 mass-market outlets, strategically spread across Qatar where we lack a retail footprint or competitive presence. In 400 mass outlets, we have also launched bill payment capabilities for postpaid accounts. This expansion is a win-win for customers who now get better access to Vodafone services and for dealers who now have more business with Vodafone.

Delivering everyday great value that fits in your pocket.

Red Team

Reaching high-value customers in Qatar is a key sales objective, and our Red Teams are making it happen. Selected based on their outstanding customer service skills, Red Team members are providing world-class personalised service. All team members are Qatari advisers to ensure smooth interaction with the target customer and reinforce our position as a company with local roots.

Delivering everyday great value that fits in your pocket.

Meaningful moments

Vodafone is more than just a business in Qatar. We seek to become an integral part of the communities we serve, and celebrate meaningful moments together. In this spirit, many of our stores transformed this year to celebrate major events from National Day to Garangao during Ramadan. Customers connected with team members during these moments, building bonds based on shared values and experiences that transcend our business.

Digitally outstanding and responsible

Vodafone Qatar is committed to creating a digitally outstanding customer experience, and advanced analytics enable us to deliver on this promise. Additionally, the utilization of “Big Data” helped to generate many of the insights that led to the 2017 strategies and activities described here.

“Vodafone Qatar has a well-deserved global reputation of bringing together advanced analytics, innovative products and agile processes.” - Diego Camberos, Consumer Business Unit Director

As a global leader in mobile communication, we take data security and confidentiality very seriously. With best-in-class systems and highly skilled experts, Vodafone Qatar meets and often exceeds our obligations to protect and secure customer data.

We Care

Our vision is to CARE – ensuring our customers are Confidently connected, we deliver Always excellent value, we Reward loyalty and provide Easy access to support.

Previously the “A” in CARE stood for “Always in control”. The change in 2017 to “Always excellent value” better reflects our commitment to provide “control, choice and transparency” to customers.

“Choice” is especially strategic. It reflects our commitment to give customers the best options for their needs with total flexibility and no worries. “Transparency” relates to our fair pricing policy, proactive billing notifications and competitive rates.

Rewriting the rules with Red postpaid

Our new Red postpaid portfolio is one of the best expressions of our CARE vision. With this service, we rewrote the rules for telecoms in Qatar.

  • Vodafone Global Data allows customers to experience the global power of Vodafone with in-plan data in 20 Vodafone countries including the UK, Italy, Turkey and other popular destinations.
  • Vodafone Bill Manager is an automatic service on customer accounts to ensure they never get “bill shock” for their data or roaming use. Customers can also set limits on how much they spend monthly.
  • My Network Name allows customers to personalise the network name on their phone with the word or letters of their choice.
  • Personal VIP Managers serve as the personalised contact for customers to respond to any service requests or inquires
  • Automatic Charity Donations enable customers to make monthly contributions between 100 – 300 QR to prominent non-profits.
  • My Car Service tracks exactly when and where a car is driven, and at what speed when a Vodafone mobile device is present. Customers find this service especially useful to track their children’s commute to school and locate the whereabouts of drivers.

Reinforcing CARE with innovation

As part of one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, Vodafone Qatar has launched many innovative products and services. Here are some of the most exciting launched this year that reinforce our CARE vision.

  • Vodafone Points is a new loyalty programme that rewards customers for their time and spend as a Vodafone customer. Points can be viewed on the My Vodafone app and redeemed when paying bills or recharging credit.
  • Directory Service 180 was launched to empower all customers to have all numbers in Qatar at their fingertips using simple SMS. In addition, through clever partnership with Google, we added it to my Vodafone App. This enabled all customers to get contact information, location and reviews of almost any business not only in Qatar but globally.
  • FLEX, one of our most successful innovations, is extended to prepaid customers. Now they too have the freedom and flexibility to use data, make local and international calls and SMS interchangeably on one credit balance pack with no pre-fixed quota.

Next generation customer care

In the consumer segment, customer satisfaction results in Qatar are far above industry standards, positioning Vodafone as a clear leader in our region. How did we achieve this result? With next generation customer care that exceeds expectations.

After a 360-review of the customer journey, we upgraded our digital platforms and tools to enhance the customer experience during the moments that matter most. With the new My Vodafone app, for instance, new features make chat even easier and allow for direct debit card payment and recharge. The app is a win-win by improving customer service and reducing costs.

These upgrades made customer service simpler and faster, as well as freed our care team to focus more on complex customer requests.

Connecting our customers

We continued to make investments in our network and IT systems to provide best-in-class service to our customers and satisfy ever-increasing demands for data.


Here are some of the exciting new investments in our technology that we have realised this year.
  • Enhanced security with state-of-the-art tools, techniques and innovative controls to protect customers against cyberattacks. We have acquired the top global ISO re-certifications in information security and business continuity.
  • Expanded fibre network that proves we are a resilient service provider that exceeds customer expectations.
  • Expanded 4G to ensure world-class data services and ultra-fast mobile broadband speed. Coverage is continuously expanding alongside Qatar’s population growth and development.
  • Cloud core network installed to continuously improve the customer experience and offer new capabilities.

Expanding enterprise

Expanding our service to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remains at the heart of our company strategy. How are we delivering on it in Qatar? By treating SMEs as partners in the relentless pursuit of technology and innovation that unlocks new value. This year, we achieved several major milestones towards this goal.

  • Revamped plans for our mobility products that provide better value and enhance the quality of the customer’s experience. By removing low-value plans in the market, we improved customer portfolios with higher-value ones and better service.
  • Enhanced call centre service that expanded eligibility to this premium service, while adding more agents and creating a single interface for customer care.
  • Total telecoms proposition that mixes fixed and mobile products and services, tailored to customer consumption. Customers with mobile lines, for example, can now upgrade for free to higher-value plans when purchasing fixed connectivity.
  • All-time low churn was achieved in mobility due to our quality-first acquisition strategy. By revamping our incentive plans, we could focus on high-quality customers that deliver consistent revenue.
  • Launched IPTV triple play for the first time in Qatar in cooperation with clients in the hospitality sector. By launching the service in hotels, we completed our portfolio in this sector.

Because we see our enterprise customers as partners, we work to deliver innovations that enable them to grow and thrive. In 2017, this included playing promotional corporate ring-back tones and offering up to 30 international minutes of talk time for every one hour of received calls.

“Vodafone connects people, places and things in ways people could never imagine before in Qatar.” – Mahmud Awad, Chief Business Officer

Why innovative enterprises choose Vodafone

  • Glocal - active in almost 30 countries with bespoke solutions for Qatar
  • IoT leaders - more IoT applications than any other company in the world

Vodafone has expertise in augmented reality, smart energy, facial recognition, fleet management, asset tracking, connected cabinets, smart Wi-Fi, 5G technology and more.

Bringing IoT to life

While some just talk about the possibilities for the Internet of Things in Qatar, we are bringing this technology to life for enterprises of all kinds throughout the country.

  • Connected ATM machines with Global SIM cards and IPVPN solutions that provide complete coverage for ATMs. Remote control capability enables banks to restart connectivity from the convenience of their offices without contacting an operator.
  • Launched IoT Smart City Platform that hosts innovative smart solutions including smart parking, smart energy, smart security and more. Globally, Vodafone is leading the way as a smart city provider by launching the world’s first smart stadium in Turkey and a smart city platform in Spain.
  • Developed tracking solutions for fleets and assets that reduce transport costs.

In the public eye

By engaging in high-profile events in 2017, we affirmed our leadership role in tech and telecom with influential enterprise stakeholders at all levels.

  • Vodafone Innovation Day. Launched for the first time, this Vodafone event brought together enterprise customers to hear from Daniel Burrus, a global innovation expert, on the future of innovation and how to face the challenges ahead.
  • World Stadium Conference. Vodafone was the preferred partner to the 2017 World Stadium Congress. We presented our joint project with Vodafone Turkey to build the first and only smart stadium in the world.
  • Information Security Conference. We presented our views and solutions to fight cybercrime worldwide in a conference hosted by Qatar Central Bank.
  • Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (QITCOM).As a corporate sponsor of Qatar’s biggest digital event, we presented our latest innovations and expertise to over 15,000 visitors.

Our people

Ready to...

“The future is exciting. Ready?” applies to more than just our customers. We want to infuse this pioneering spirt and enthusiastic embrace of the future into the heart of our company – beginning with our most valued asset, our people.

The employer brand campaign we launched in 2017 is enhancing the way we attract and retain talent by showcasing all the amazing things that are possible with Vodafone. The campaign is organised around four key pillars to inspire the pride and thrill of being part of our company.

►Ready to shape the future 
with our expertise in tech, digital and innovation.
►Ready to connect for good 
as a sustainable business committed to health and safety, powered by the Vodafone Foundation.
►Ready to be at my best 
by working alongside exceptional people with access to a world of opportunity and life-long learning.
►Ready to be myself and belong 
by celebrating diversity in an inclusive environment for all regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

As part of the campaign, we are developing videos of employees telling their stories around these four pillars. Videos will be featured on our internal channels as well as on social media. The new careers website set to launch in 2018 will deliver campaign messages in an even more engaging format.

Talent and Capability

As a company with innovation in its DNA, we are committed to life-long learning and continuous improvement. We want the world’s top talent to choose Vodafone because of our reputation for investing in learning and development across the company. The comprehensive training programmes we delivered in 2017 clearly affirmed this commitment.

“Our employees in Qatar are ambitious. They want training, mentoring and coaching. They want to develop and reach their potential while helping the business grow. I’m really excited by how our teams are making this happen.” – Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, Chief Operating Officer


The new onboarding programme we launched in 2017 celebrates and reinforces the decision to join Vodafone Qatar. Our goal is to enhance job satisfaction and engagement while shortening the time from hire to full productivity. Realising this goal required delivering the variety of support, tools and resources described below.
  • Onboarding optimisation to provide a single point of contact throughout a new hire’s onboarding journey.
  • Onboarding guide that describes work life at Vodafone, cultural life in Qatar, visa requirements and more.
  • Personalised video message from the line manager and co-workers to enthusiastically welcome the new hire to the team.
  • Hotel and flight bookings prepared with a meet and greet service at the airport, including transportation to the office during the first two days.
  • Welcome pack upon arrival with a personalised letter and all the necessary tech and materials for the role.
  • Induction training to introduce Vodafone Qatar, its values, culture, people and working practices to the new hire. Heads of department can tailor the training to the specific requirements of the role.
  • Personal buddies assigned to make introductions, answer questions, and help the new hire adapt and thrive at Vodafone.

Leadership and Culture

The main objectives of the programmes described below are to develop leadership skills, learn to engage and motivate teams and to become consistent at leading the business.

  • Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits to improve personal and interpersonal effectiveness and growth. We are currently rolling out this world renowned programme to all our employees.
  • Performance Development 2020 to give employees the necessary tools to reach their full potential and empower line managers with skills to support their direct reports, supported by the new iFeedback app to launch in 2018.
  • Performance coaching to build and sharpen the coaching skills of line-managers as part of Performance Development 2020.

Future Leaders programme

For high-potential “G band” employees, we have developed the Future Leaders programme to empower them to reach their full potential. The two-year programme evolves over three stages.

►Foundation programme

Grows competencies related to drive, engagement, applied thinking and change. Includes individual coaching and a mini-telecoms MBA covering business acumen, leadership and more. (Length: 6 months)

►Advanced programme

Refines and enhances leadership style, strategic planning, functional skills and more. (Length: 6 months)

►Rotational programme

To experience and explore the business from a different perspective. (Length: 3-6 months)

Admired Leaders programme

This programme is for “H band” employees recognised for their potential to develop bigger, broader roles across the business. Participants complete three modules covering: change and context, thought leadership, and understanding innovation. They also benefit from individual coaching and 180-degree feedback. (Length: 6 months)

Functional and professional training

This training equips leadership teams with the skills to assess the learning and development needs of their direct reports and reach their business objectives. Nearly 700 employees benefited from 33 workshops in 2017 including:

  • Technology: agility, scrum, cloud, project management
  • Sales: solution selling, consultative selling, customer experience
  • Marketing: brand, marketing segmentation, marketing courses

To support our employees to develop and grow in a structured way, Vodafone Qatar has created career path programmes for care, retail and technology. Programmes have empowered employees to improve their performance, resulting in promotions for 12 per cent of front-line staff.

Reward and recognition

When employees and teams experience a win or achievement – no matter the size – we encourage managers to recognise it with a “shukran” star. While symbolic, shukrans confirm the tremendous value we place on our people and their hard work in Qatar. In 2017, we awarded almost 30 per cent of our employees with a shukran.

Through the Global Hero Programme, four employees with an outstanding story related to the customer experience were selected in 2017. One grand prize winner won a family trip to London and met with the Vodafone Group CEO.

Employee benefits portfolio

After reviewing our portfolio of employee benefits, we launched two news programmes this year that are proving popular with employees across the business.

  • Employee phone plans now include more data and minutes as well as a 50 per cent discount on consumer postpaid plans for family and friends. We also extended our offer to all our employees for a 30 per cent discount on three additional phone lines. Contractors are now eligible for the Flex 225 plan with a 30 per cent discount on postpaid lines for friends and family.
  • Qatar Foundation access is now available to employees with a wide range of facilities including gyms, football pitches and more. The Foundation has proven the perfect location for Vodafone tournaments.


We made great progress this year on our journey to support the Qatar National Vision to invest and develop local talent. We “Qatarised” more of our employee roles, moving from 10 to 17 per cent.

Today, 70 per cent of high-potential Qataris are on the Fast Track programme we launched last year to move more Qataris to leadership positions. We are confident that we will soon meet our 20 per cent Qatarisation goal.

Discover Graduate programme

Through our Discover Graduate programme, we are identifying the next generation of Vodafone leaders by hiring the best talent coming straight out of university. This programme is key to grow our talent pipeline with diverse young people who are ready to drive Vodafone forward to the next telecoms era. The two-year programme takes participants on a journey across the business.

  • Rotations within key business functions to experience different roles and identify a career path (6 to 4 weeks).
  • Individual development plan to improve both interpersonal skills and business knowledge, developed with the graduate’s line manager and human resources (1 to 6 months).
  • Landing role to get to know the business and deliver against targets before taking a full-time role (1 to 12 months).
  • Champion assigned to the graduate to provide mentorship and support their Vodafone journey (1 to 12 months).
In addition to job opportunities, graduates benefit from their new Vodafone network and assignments abroad through our Columbus programme.

2017 figures

  • 8 graduates
  • 3 hired
  • 1 going abroad to Vodafone Turkey


Vodafone Qatar is committed to increasing the proportion of women in management and leadership roles. This year, we made our first hire as part of the Group’s ReConnect programme, which recruits women on career breaks into management roles.

We are making great efforts in 2018 to “Reconnect” with more talented women and build on our forthcoming gender equality, diversity and inclusion strategies. The Group’s ground-breaking maternity policy announced in March 2015 has helped us to attract and retain more women in Qatar.

Health, safety and wellbeing

Health and safety rules are fully integrated as a core value across Vodafone Qatar. This is reflected among employees, nearly 95 per cent of whom said that they believe we take health and safety rules seriously. This is a 2 per cent gain from last year. Our record in practice is just as strong. In November, we proudly celebrated reaching 1,000 incident-free days in Qatar.

The management team makes health and safety a priority, visiting different locations to support our high standards. This year they visited network sites, data centres and offices across the country.

We support our partners that perform high-risk activities to practice the same level of health and safety standards as us. In November, we invited key vendors to attend Vodafone’s annual health and safety forum to strengthen their awareness and compliance.

Nearly 20 members of our technology team attended a Managing Safety training course to better control high-risk activities and work effectively with third-parties to achieve health and safety targets.

Enhancing employee wellbeing was another priority this year. Activities from football tournaments to athletic challenges helped to increase workplace engagement, motivation and productivity.


On the move

  • 150 employees played in a 3-month football tournament
  • 1,000 miles walked by 120 employees in 1 month

Property and facilities management

After critically assessing our main office including with an employee survey, we discovered many ways to enhance our workplace productivity, collaboration and engagement.

As a result, we invested in renovations to increase the number of meeting rooms, add collaboration areas, reduce the noise level and improve overall workplace ergonomics. We also improved the lighting and air conditioning. This project was completed in six months without any impact on the staff during working hours.

Today, the main office has 16 meeting room, 10 collaboration areas, acoustic solutions, LED lights, wireless presentation facilities and superior cable management.