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1. What is eSIM?

eSIM is a digital SIM card embedded already in certain smartphones that support the eSIM technology.  With an eSIM customers can activate their plan and connect to the network without a physical SIM card.

2. Is eSIM available on all smartphones?

Only Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR with iOS 12.1 and Google Pixel 3 support the eSIM currently.

3. What are the steps to activate eSIM?

You can activate eSIM by visiting any Vodafone Store.

Please ensure you have your eSIM compatible device with you so our agent can help set up and register your profile.

Once the eSIM profile is active on your device, you will need to connect to WIFI, access your Network settings and scan the QR code on the back of your eSIM voucher.

4. What is the price of the eSIM?

Currently the eSIM is free of charge and available on all active Vodafone plans. If you are the owner of an eSIM compatible device but not a Vodafone customer, you can get an eSIM by simply activating a Vodafone plan today subject to availability of QR Codes cards. 

5. Can I have more than one active eSIM on my device at the same time?

No. However, each eSIM can save up to 10 different profiles but you can only use one profile at a time. 

6. I scanned my QR code several times but it’s not working- why?

If you mistakenly scan your QR code more than 10 times without downloading your profile, then your eSIM will be faulty. To fix this you will have to visit a Vodafone retail store and request for an eSIM swap.

7. Can I personalise my Network Name with eSIM?

No. Existing customers that are able to customize their Network Name will lose this feature if they swap to an eSIM.

8. How can I activate the eSIM offer from Vodafone?

The eSIM offer can be activated and redeemed instantly from any Vodafone Store. The offer can also be activated and redeemed at select Vodafone kiosk locations or by a member of the Red Team, however the network activation will take up to three working days.

9. Is the eSIM offer available on both Postpaid and Prepaid plans?


10. I currently have the eSIM data offer; can I use that data as part of my global data allowance?

Data offers and promotions are for local data only and cannot be used as part of the global data allowance. Only your plan data benefits can be used for that.