GigaHome FAQs

What are the new GigaHome Fibre 1Gbps and 2Gbps Plans?

GigaHome 1Gbps and GigaHome 2Gbps are the new super-fast internet Fibre  plans that allows you to enjoy high speed internet at your house. With these plans customer can get 2 Months Free monthly rental and also enjoy a 12 months discounted price after the free months expire on the chosen plans:

  • GigaHome 1 Gbps plan – 350 QR –two (2) months rental free and then 280 QR for 12 months. During Summer Promotion, this plan will provide 2 Gbps Speed (till 19 September 2023)
  • GigaHome 2 Gbps plan – 500 QR –two (2) months free and then 450 QR for twelve (12) months

Within the 2 Free Months, you have to decide whether to continue using the service. Otherwise, you must go to one of the Vodafone Stores to disconnect the service before the expiry to the two months.
Free trial month is available only once for every customer (Qatari ID), and every unit (Kahrama ID), and not applicable for any re-connected customer or any re-connected unit or in casea customer moves to a new unit (relocates).

How can I subscribe to this new Fibre plan?

You can chat with our expert team by clicking “WhatApp now” through our website, or Visit any Vodafone Store or call the number mentioned in the flyer and our sales experts will assist you.

What are the Giga speeds for fibre plans and which speeds will I get at my house?

The GigaHome Fibre plans provide high speeds from 1 Gbps (1,024 Mbps) to 25 Gbps depending on the plans you will subscribe to.
The subscribed speed is available when the device is connected to the Fibre Router, and the device is capable to reach this speed.
In case of connectivity through Wi-Fi, customer may experience different speed depending from the distance to the router and the Wi-fi Device capabilities.
For example: if the subscribed speed is 1Gbps and the handset capability is 700 Mbps then the experienced speed through Wi-Fi, would be around 700 Mbps on this handset device.

I am already subscribed with Gigahome Fibre from Vodafone. How can I upgrade to the new plans?

You can upgrade to the new 1Gbps or 2Gbps by contacting us online, calling our call center or visiting any Vodafone store. The change will be free of charge but no Months Free will apply in case of upgrade.

Is there any FUP on 5G plans ?

Yes, the FUP for GigaHome Classic plan is 1TB and for GigaHome Premium plan is 2 TB. After exceeding the fair usage amount, the speed will be reduced to 1MBPS, and Vodafone has the right to throttle the customers and move them to 4G plans if they are using 100% 4G network and/or moved the CPE from 5G Area to a 4G area (not covered by 5G network ) however there NO FUP on GigaHome Fiber plans.

I am moving to a new location. Can I keep my Fibre plan?

Yes, if you are moving to a new Fibre building you can keep this same plan in your new location if the new building is connected to Fibre. In case it is not connected, you can subscribe to one of our GigaHome 5G plans.

My Friend in another compound has subscribed to GigaHome Fibre. Can I subscribe as well ?

Yes, this offer will be available in all buildings that are currently connected to GigaHome Fibre. Please contact online or any Vodafone store to check the eligibility of your house to this offer.

What are the plan usage policies for Fibre plans?

All GigaHome fibre plans have generous allowances of data and have a fair usage policy (FUP). You can use your plan with full speed until you reach the designed FUP. After reaching this FUP , your connection will be reduced until your next billing cycle.

What is the lock-in period of the Fiber plan?

Similar to GigaHome plans, minimum commitment of three (3) months paid bills  and a one-time penalty charges of QR798 will apply if You  disconnects before twelve (12) months. No Penalties apply if you disconnect after twelve (12) months.

How much do I pay for new installation or moving houses?

Home move is Free every 12 months. If you move more than once during 12 months, second Move cost is 200QR

How can I change an appointment for new installation?

You will receive a call from us for your initial appointment. You can inform us about a convenient time for you during this call. If you wish to reschedule your appointment after this call, you may chat with us via ‘My Vodafone App’ or call us on 111.

How can I pay my Vodafone Broadband GigaHome Wi-Fi bill?

You can pay your bill at any of our Vodafone stores or pay without leaving your home by using one of our convenient payment options below:


Can I use another operator’s SIM on the 5G CPE?

No, you can only use the original SIM configured on the Vodafone network and assigned under your account for the 5G CPE.

When I am moving to a new house, can I move with my 5G CPE without any interruption to the service?

No, GigaHome 5G is a home-based service and should only be used in the original address where it was originally installed. If you plan move to new location kindly call us or visit the nearest Vodafone stores to help you with the relocation.

Can I change the location of the 5G CPE within my house without informing Vodafone?

We don’t recommend moving the 5G CPE around the house without the technical support as it may interfere with the signal. During installation, the team always position the 5G CPE at the best possible location in the house where it can receive the full 5G signal with no interference. If you need to extend the Wi-Fi signal in everyroom contact us to help find the solution for a seamless Wi-Fi in every room experience.

Can I Park my GigaHome Fibre during vacations

If you are going for temporary vacations, You can park your GigaHome Fibre line. To do so, you will need to pay 100QR upfront at any of our Vodafone stores. Your line will be charged then for 35 QR per month only, and internet will not be working. Once you are back from vacations, you can call us or visit any store to reactivate your line back to your original plan