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  1. What is Vodafone’s Buy Now Pay Later?
    Vodafone’s Buy Now Pay Later allows partner bank’s credit cardholders to purchase devices and accessories at Vodafone retail stores. This is an easy monthly instalment plan with no down payment, no fees and 0% interest for up to 12 months.

  2. Which credit cards can I use?
    Currently you can use QNB and CBQ credit cards to avail this.

  3. What if I’m using another bank’s credit card?
    We are in the process of getting more banks on board, we will announce as soon as these partnerships are finalized. For now, we will only accept QNB and CBQ credit cards.

  4. What is the minimum purchase amount?
    The minimum purchase amount is QR 500 per transaction.

  5. What can I purchase with Buy Now Pay Later service?
    You can buy any device or accessory with a minimum transaction amount of QR 500.

  6. Can I use the service to pay Vodafone Bills?
    No, the service is only valid for device or accessories purchases and cannot be used for anything else including bill payment etc.

  7. How many devices can I purchase with Buy Now Pay Later service?
    There is no limit at on the number of transactions or devices you can purchase, as long as you have available credit limit on your credit card.

  8. What if I change my mind and want to return the device and reverse the transaction?
    Vodafone’s return policy of 7 days on devices & accessories is still applicable as long as the device/accessory is sealed and still in sellable condition. Once the device/accessory is returned in good condition we will reverse the transaction and your credit card will be refunded within 14 days.