• What is Bill Limit?

    Bill Limit guarantees that your bill amount doesn’t exceed your desired level.
    On top of your Monthly Bill, this amount limits:
    1. Purchase of Value Added Services
    2. Extra usage out of plan benefits

    You can also see how much you have used by looking at the “unbilled usage” in My Vodafone App bill summary.

    How to Manage Bill Limit?
    You can change your Bill Limit anytime using My Vodafone App & it is completely free.

Set Bill limit through My Vodafone App

Step 1
Tap "Bill limit"

Step 2
Enter your new limit

Step 3
Confirm your selection

Your new limit is set!

Set Bill limit through USSD

Step 1: Dial *100#

Step 2: Choose "1 My Plan"

Step 3: Choose "6 Bill Limit"

Step 4: Choose "1 Change Bill Limit"

Step 5: Enter new bill limit

Step 6: Confirm your new limit

An example of How to calculate your
Approximate bill limit

Your Plan value QR 150
+ Your bill limit used this month + QR 30
+ New bill limit + QR 50
= Your Approximate bill for the month = QR 230