At Vodafone, we are known for our technology, but the truth is, it is humanity that drives our business forward. With the global pandemic raising so many questions for tech brands, it has highlighted the leading role that we need to play.

That is why we have been asking ourselves some big questions:

Are we doing enough?

Are we doing enough to move society forward?
Are we doing enough to make sure no one is left behind?
Are we doing enough to reduce our impact on the planet?

Our new positioning – Together We Can – reflects our belief that, when working together, humanity and technology can find the answers and create a better future for all.

As a business, our mission is to keep asking big questions.

Here are just a few we are currently focusing on:

TWC - drive cleaner - FeaturedBox - image

Can we all drive cleaner?

Discover how we are working with Porsche Formula E to push the boundaries of electric mobility, and make motorsport faster and cleaner.

TWC - every disease - FeaturedBox - image

Can we cure every disease?

Discover how the Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab app can harness your smartphone’s processing power to help fight disease while you sleep.

TWC - more love - FeaturedBox - image

Can we share more love?

Discover how you can connect to the people and things you love the most with our GigaFast GigaNet #TheNetworkThatSettles.

TWC - left behind - FeaturedBox - image

Can we make sure nobody is left behind?

Discover how we are ensuring that everyone has equal access to connectivity.