World Of Prices – Win upto 1KG GOLD

Win up to 1 KG GOLD !

Stand the chance to win up to 1 KG GOLD as Mega Prize when you score 200 points. SMS GOLD to 97262 to participate in the World of Prizes contest.
FREE for first 3-Days as Try and Buy, post free days charged at QAR 5 per day. Terms & Conditions apply.
  1. What is the "World of Prizes" – (WOP)?

    An SMS and M-Web based trivia game exclusively for Vodafone customers. Customers will receive an initial SMS invite and if the Customer opts-in, they will receive questions. By answering questions, the customer can score points. More correct answers will give more points and thus increase the chances to win. To subscribe, the user can send 'PLAY', 'GOLD' or 'WIN' to the short code "97262" or click "PLAY" on the M-WEB URL or to be a participant ("Participant") for a cost of QAR 5 ("Charge") per day.

    The World of Prizes (WOP) also gives customers the opportunity to participate in draws for various prizes.

    The WOP has below Prize:

    • 167 grams of GOLD to one user per month.
  2. What is the duration of WOP?

    WOP will start from 05th September, 2021, 00:00:01 hrs. till 03rd March, 2022, 23:59:59 hrs. ("Draw Period").

  3. Who can participate in WOP?

    WOP is open to all Vodafone Prepaid and Postpaid customers who are current residents of Qatar and over 18 years old with valid Qatari ID, the competition excludes:

    • Directors, members, partners, employees, contest suppliers or agents or consultants to Vodafone.
    • All immediate relations such as spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, business partner or associate of a person contemplated in previous paragraph.
    • Vodafone’s blacklisted and VIP list customers.
  4. What is the meaning of the points?

    For every correct answer, customers will receive a pre-determined amount of points that are required for winning the prize. This will be done at the time, place, and timeframe that will be communicated to the winner as determined by Vodafone. The winner will be selected by a random draw; the more points a customer has, the higher the chances to win.

  5. How much will it cost to subscribe to the World of Prizes Competition?

    Subscribers that are charged QAR 5 will get to answer 5 questions each day. The customer will also get to play booster at QAR 1 per each question. Vodafone can change the number of boosters anytime during the competition period.

    After completing the first question, the participant will be pushed to the 2nd question and will be informed that they will be charged after this question. After the charge is successful, the remaining questions will be pushed.

    Note: if the participant has an insufficient main balance, he/she cannot play further. They need to recharge once again and continue to play for the remaining questions through boosters.

    As a postpaid subscriber your competition charges will be added to your bill. As a prepaid customer, your competition subscription will be deducted from your prepaid main balance.

  6. How can I check my total points?

    Your total points in WOP will be mentioned in the reply SMS you will receive while playing. You may send an SMS (free) by typing SCORE to 97262 to know your total points anytime during WOP.

  7. What are the prizes and how can I win them?
    • Users can win up to 1 kg gold during the contest period.
    • 167 grams of GOLD to one user per month.

    (You can keep playing more questions and score more points to increase your chance of winning GOLD.)

  8. How many questions can I play in WOP?

    The customers participating in the WOP can answer up to 5 questions each day. The customer will also get to play booster at QAR 1 per 1 question. To increase the chance of winning GOLD, answering as many questions as you can will increase your chances by earning the points.

  9. How can I Stop/Deactivate WOP?

    Users can send the SMS ‘STOP’ to 97262 (Toll-Free).

  10. Where may I find the detailed Terms & Conditions of the Promotion?

    WOP terms and conditions can be found at [ ].

  11. Where will the winners be announced?

    Winners will be published under the “winners” section at

    Customers can get additional information regarding the winners by calling Vodafone Customer Care at 111 (toll free 8007111 or from abroad +974 7700 7111) free of charge, from his/her mobile phone.

  12. How are winners notified and they can collect their prizes?
    • The winner will receive a call from 111 Vodafone customer care.
    • Customer care will verify the winner details
    • They will inform the winners with all necessary details required for receiving their prize. This includes the proper identification required, the details of prize acceptance event and any other formalities required to be followed etc.
  13. I am out of town can someone else pick up my prize?

    Winners who are away or cannot come personally to pick up their prize can authorize someone else to claim their prize with the copy of the valid Qatari ID, valid passport (Original to be presented) and 2 set of duly signed copies to be submitted along with 2 passport size recent photographs with an authorization letter with winner’s signature in it. The same will be required for the person who is claiming the prize also.

  14. Can I still compete while I’m roaming outside of Qatar?

    Yes, you can still compete when you are roaming outside of Qatar. However, please note that you will be charged the standard roaming rates per SMS sent.

  15. I received a SMS stating that I have won a prize from Vodafone. What do I do?

    Winners will only be contacted by 111 Vodafone customer care via phone call on the mobile number used by the Customer to play WOP. No other means of communication including SMS or email is used by Vodafone and if the Customer receives any such message they should immediately report to Vodafone.

  16. Are there any bonus points?

    Yes, a customer will get bonus points for ‎every surprise question received randomly and also will get double points for every right answer given on Fun Fridays.

  17. I do not have a Vodafone number can I still play WOP?

    No, to play this WOP you need to be a Vodafone customer, you can purchase Vodafone SIM from any Vodafone stores or shops.

  18. I think I gave the correct answer; how can I dispute it?

    Please contact customer care and share your concern, our team will check and the details, validate the issue and if required, we will credit the due points.

  19. I don’t want the gold, then I get cash instead?

    No, gratification will not be changed.

  20. Can I transfer the Prize to my friend?

    No, Prize cannot be transferred to anybody (friend, family or anyone), Prize can be claimed only by the winner.

  1. The “World of Prizes” (“WOP and / or Competition”) is an SMS and mobile web (M-web) based Competition starting from 05th September 2021 till 03rd March 2022 (“Competition Period”).
  2. All Vodafone Post-paid and Pre-paid mobile customers (“Customer”) in Qatar who are 18 years and above and residents of Qatar are eligible to participate in the Competition.
  3. To subscriber the Customer can opt in by sending an SMS with specific keyword ‘GOLD’ or ‘PLAY’ or ‘WIN’ to the short code “97262” or click “PLAY” on the M-WEB URL or to be a participant (“Participant”) for a cost of QAR 5 (“Charge”) per day.
  4. A Participants can win 167 grams of Gold (“Prize”) per MSISDN. One individual per valid Qatari ID (QID) can win the Prize only once in the Competition.
  5. Participants can be a winner with the maximum points accumulated from the start of WOP until the end of the relevant draw period as per the schedules mentioned below will be selected by a random draw. Any expenses not explicitly indicated as part of the Prize, including but not limited to insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, license fees or taxes, are the responsibility of the Winner.
  6. All questions are in multiple-choice format and the answer to each must be selected from one of the 2 options only. On SMS, the answer option should be displayed as A & B. On M-WEB, the answer options display as for Option 1 & Option 2. The more points the Participant has, the more chances of winning they will have.
  7. The time taken for answering a question on SMS and M-Web channel time taken is calculated from the time the system pushes the question till the answer input received by system. The total time taken by a Customer to provide the correct answers in a day, whether on SMS and M-Web is used to increase the chances for the Winners for the Prizes.
  8. Customers who have played and answered at least one question correctly during the Competition will only become eligible for prize mentioned in point no. 4 above and they have to be a subscribed Participant of the Competition to be eligible.
  9. Participants can participate in the competition using both or any of the available channels (SMS and M-Web) and their cumulative shall be considered for each of the channel. i.e.: if the Participant has started playing the Competition on MWEB and has scored XX points in X questions, if he/she stops playing and resumes playing through SMS, he/she will be given the X+1 question. If he/she answers the question correctly, his/her score will be as per points defined for each question and if any special days with double points. And this will be the score that will be considered for the winner selection for all the prizes.
  10. The Monthly and Fun Friday Schedules are as below:
    Month Start date End date
    Month 1 05-Sep 04-Oct
    Month 2 05-Oct 03-Nov
    Month 3 04-Nov 03-Dec
    Month 4 04-Dec 02-Jan
    Month 5 02-Jan 01-Feb
    Month 6 02-Feb 03-Mar
  11. When Participants play on Fridays they get double the points. The Fun Friday Schedule will be each Friday starting 10th September 2021 ending on 25th February 2022.
  12. A Participant can play up to 5 questions each day for QAR 5. The Participant can also play extra booster questions after answering the 5 questions for QAR 1 per booster question. Vodafone can change the number of boosters anytime during the Competition Period by notifying the Participants.
  13. All questions and answers in this Competition shall be at the sole discretion of Vodafone. In the event, there is any dispute regarding any answer Vodafone’s decision shall be final and binding.
  14. A Participant will receive points the following points for each correct answer:
    • On Free Days – 200 points
    • Contest Participant – 200 points
    • Score booster (Extra questions) – 500 points
    • Surprise question – 1000 points
    • Double points during Fun Fridays
  15. The Participant will get zero points for any incorrect or ‎invalid answer.
  16. The Participant shall have sufficient balance to participate in the Competition. To continuing playing the Participant must recharge their Pre-paid line or pay their Post-paid bills.
  17. Prize must be accepted as awarded and cannot be exchanged for cash; other prizes or transferred. Prize will be delivered within sixty (60) days from the end of the Competition Period at a predetermined time and place that the Winner will be informed about within the timescales determined by Vodafone.
  18. Vodafone’s employees, partners, contest suppliers or agents and consultants are excluded from this Competition as well as their spouse, parent, children, siblings, business partner or associates. Vodafone customers in “Black List” and “VIP List” are also excluded.
  19. All Customers who won a prize in WOP will only be contacted by Vodafone customer care (111) on the mobile phone number the participant has used to participate in WOP.
  20. Vodafone will attempt to contact the winner at least 3 times a day for 2 days, between the hours of 9am and 8pm. If the Customer cannot be contacted during this period i.e. they don’t pick up their phone, phone is switched of etc. the Customer will be disqualified and prize will be forfeited. Vodafone will then contact the next eligible Customer from the draw.
  21. The Winner is required to provide proof of, Valid Qatari ID, Valid Passport (Original to be presented and 2 set of duly signed copies to be submitted along with 2 passport size recent photographs) and has to sign a prize acceptance form given by Vodafone appointed person before a prize can be claimed or collected. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification and forfeiting of the Prize.
  22. Winner who are away or cannot come personally to pick up their Prize can authorize someone else to claim their Prize with the authorization letter signed by the winner along with copy of the valid Qatari ID/above mentioned ID proofs and photographs, same will be required from the person who is calming the prize also.
  23. If the Winner has any outstanding debts owing Vodafone they need to be settled in full within 3 days from being contacted by the Vodafone. If outstanding debts are not settled in full the winner will forfeit the prize.
  24. If a Winner or its authorised person fails to collect their Prize on the predetermined time and date the Prize will have forfeited and a runner up will be selected to for the Prize.
  25. If the winner and all runner-ups forfeits any Prize, the Prize shall be given to the next eligible Participant. If the next eligible participant also forfeits the Prize, then the Prize shall be deemed unclaimed and Vodafone shall give the Prize as Charity.
  26. Participants found to be doing any fraudulent activity including sending automatically SMS messages or automate/facilitate for the answer process or any other alternative of sending SMS messages, other than the mobile phone such as any GSM modems attached to a computer or mobile phones attached to a computer will be disqualified and not allowed to participate.
  27. Vodafone reserves the right to verify the eligibility of each Participant and shall be entitled to disqualify any Participant or any winner who Vodafone believes in its sole discretion does not meet the eligibility criteria or is in breach of these terms and conditions.
  28. Participant can opt out of the Competition by sending an SMS with the keyword “STOP” to 97262 anytime. If the Participant has opted out of the Competition, then they will not win the Prize even if their number is selected in future as a winner.
  29. By participating in the Competition, the Participants agree that their personal data (Name; number and prize) may be used and processed by Vodafone for the purposes of the Competition and also for the purpose of publicity surrounding the Competition.
  30. Vodafone may in its sole discretion make changes in the charges and T&C by informing the Participants.