Post-paid Extra Data & Extra Mins FAQ

  1. What is Extra Data & Extra Min offer?
    All customers who subscribe to specific Post-paid Plans which are “U Start, U Plus, U Plus India, UNL 300, UNL 375, MBB 110 (“Eligible Plans”) starting from 16 Aug 2022 till 15 Nov 2022 (“Duration”) will get some Extra local Data and local minutes offer (“Offer”).

  2. What is extra data & mins Offer?
    The Offer provides the subscribers extra minutes and data allowance amount of the selected Post-paid plans as mentioned in the table below.

  3. Which plans will have this Offer?
    Customers who subscribe to one of the Eligible plans can get this Offer.

  4. Who will be eligible for this Offer?
    Customers will be eligible for the Offer if they are new subscribers, are changing from Prepaid to Post-paid, upgrading their plans to the Eligible plans. Vodafone Plans Table for Postpaid Data & Minutes

  5. What is the Offer?
    This Offer gives Extra local Data & Extra local Minutes as mentioned in the table below:

  6. What will happen to the current customers with the mentioned plans?
    Nothing, they will not receive the offer, as the offer is not applicable for the existing customers.

  7. How can I activate the Offer?

    The offer will be added by default.

  8. Will this offer be available Online?
    Yes, this offer is available across all channels.

  9. What will happen to the Extra Data & Min if a customer disconnects his line, or migrated to Prepaid?
    Extra local Minutes and extra local data allowance will be terminated if plan migrated from post-paid to pre-paid, cancellation of the plan.

  10. What will happened after the promo validity of 6 months for U plans and 12 months for Unlimited plans has expired?
    After the promo period there will be no Extra Data & minutes allowance and customers will be getting the original allowance for each plan

  11. Can I use the Extra benefits while roaming?
    The Extra Data & Extra minutes promotion allowance can only be use locally.