Major Shareholders

The Company’s major shareholders holding 5% and above of the Company’s capital, based on our shareholder registers with Qatar Central Securities Depository, are as set out in the table below:

Last update: 31 December 2020
Name Category Domicile Percent
Vodafone and Qatar Foundation LLC (1) Corporations Qatar 45.00%
Pension Fund - General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority Government Qatar 6.96%
Military Pension Fund - General Retirement Authority Government Qatar 5.31%
Qatar Foundation for Education Science and Community Development (2) Corporations Qatar 5.00%
    Total 62.27%

(1) Vodafone and Qatar Foundation LLC owns 45% of the Company’s capital and is itself 100% owned by Qatar Foundation.

(2) Accordingly, Qatar Foundation ownership interest in the Company (both directly held and indirect through Vodafone and Qatar Foundation LLC) totals 50% of the Company’s capital.

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