Superfast Broadband

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodafone Superfast broadband?

Superfast Broadband  is broadband delivered over fibre optic technology and is capable of delivering very high speeds of up to 100Mbs, which means you can access online content instantly with speeds never before possible in Qatar. 

What is a fibre optic network?

A fibre optic network is a network built with fibre optical cable and is used to transmit large amounts of data quickly. It’s made of hair-thin glass fibres which transport light along its network. This will allow us to bring you even more robust set of broadband and home phone services.

What I have to do to apply for Vodafone Superfast Broadband?

Please visit one of our Vodafone retail stores to join and ensure you have the following:

- You are the owner or have a valid lease of a property you want to connect.

- Have a valid Qatari ID.

- Have a Kahramaa ID.

When signing a 3 month commitment period your connection and router will be FREE. Otherwise you will pay a one-off connection charge of QR 399 and QR 299 for the router.

After signing up for the service we will send a technician out to your home to set up your new broadband service. 

What if I cancelled the service before the commitment period?

Cancellation of the service prior to 3 months will result in all applicable charges due and payable for the entire t minimum service period. This includes installation, router and your plan costs.

Is there any FUP on 5G plans ?

Yes, the FUP for GigaHome Classic plan is 1TB and for GigaHome Premium plan is 2 TB. After exceeding the fair usage amount, the speed will be reduced to 1MBPS, and Vodafone has the right to throttle the customers and move them to 4G plans if they are using 100% 4G network and/or moved the CPE from 5G Area to a 4G area (not covered by 5G network ) however there NO FUP on GigaHome Fiber plans.

Is there any additional wiring work required?

Some extra wiring may be required to co-locate power points and some equipment. The work required is managed on a case-by-case basis by our technicians who will inform you when they visit your property.

Will I be charged for moving service plans?

No charges will apply for upgrading your service plans.

For downgrading the services or plan a charge of QR 100 will be added to your bill.

What about moving homes?

A moving home request will cost QR 199 and will be added to your bill.

Are there any other charges I need to be aware of?

If you misuse your router and it needs a replacement, then you will be charged for a new router again, which is QR 299 & the installation which is QR399. 

What are the available speeds for Vodafone Superfast broadband?

We offer connection speeds ranging from 20 to 200 Mbps.

For more information about our plans and speeds click here.  

Can I use fibre services without a Vodafone Home Phone service?

Yes, however it's important to note that with every Vodafone Superfast Broadband plan on the fibre network you also get access to our Home Phone services for no extra charge. This comes with additional benefits such as free local and mobile calling to Vodafone numbers.

 For more information click here.  

Are Fibre speeds guaranteed?

We will connect customers to our network at their subscribed internet speeds. It is important to note there are some external factors outside of our control which can impact customer speeds. All speeds are provided in an "up to" capacity. We will connect your service at your subscribed speed however some of the content you access, within and outside of the country, may not support such high speeds. Customers signing up to 100Mbps connections also need to have Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to achieve over 100Mbps.

What’s the difference between a direct cable (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi?

A direct cable (Ethernet) connection will provide the greatest speed however it won’t provide freedom to connect in multiple areas within your home. Wi-Fi connections enable the possibilities of connecting to the internet wherever you receive coverage. It’s important to note that Wi-Fi speeds and coverage can vary depending on your home’s construction. 

How can I pay my bill?

Visit any of the following Vodafone Retail Stores: the Barwa mobile store, City Centre, Landmark, Al Wakra, Lulu Airport and Lulu Gharaffa Stores.
By Auto payment through credit card. To activate auto payment, visit any Vodafone Retail Store and submit the application form. For store locations click here.
Via the My Vodafone app or dial *100# and select the “pay by scratch card” option in the menu and add the credit scratch card number