Refer A Friend FAQs

What is Refer a Friend?

All existing GigaHome Fibre plans customers can refer their friends and family to subscribe to Vodafone GigaHome Fibre plans in areas where fibre is already connected and get 20% off on their Fibre plans and up to a maximum of 500 QR discount in total.

How can I claim my discount?

The discount will be added automatically to your bill after 1 month of your referred friends or family ‘s activation.

How long is the discount?

Your discount will be for 5 Months provided your friend pays their subscription.

How many customers can I refer?

You can refer a maximum of 5 customers

What if my referred customers disconnected before completing 5 months?

Your discount will be removed automatically.

My friend is interested how to I contact VQ to contact my friend?

Please share the code you received through SMS with him or ask him to log in to and to fill up his details, and we will contact him soon

What is the Validity of this offer?

Offer is valid for 1 month starting 20 April until 20 May