Prepaid Plans

Our Prepaid Plans are loaded with value & bonuses

What is RED Weekly?

Red Weekly is a weekly product that provides all you need of benefits for a week.

What benefits RED Weekly include and how can I use it?

All the below telecom benefits that you can enjoy for a week with Red Weekly

  • Unlimited Local Calling & SMS
  • 5GB of internet
  • 100 Flex Credits to use it for International or more Data
  • Carry forward for Data & Flex if recharge before Expiry

Is there extra benefits for recharging more than once?

Yes, if you recharge again with Red Weekly before Expiry, you will be able to carry forward your data & Flex for another month.

What is the card validity?

The Card is Valid for 1 Week.

Can I Activate this Product through USSD? Does it renew automatically?

Yes, to do that, all you need to do is dialling *200*1010# and it will be activated. It will renew automatically after 7 days. Please make sure that you have balance in order for the benefits to renew automatically.

To Stop, just Dial *250*1010#