Recharge options using My Vodafone App

Frequently Asked Questions

You can recharge credit and data which are applicable to your plan and for Vodafone numbers that are eligible to receive the recharge.

You can recharge any Vodafone Prepaid customer’s number through the My Vodafone App. Just select the “Recharge Credit and Data” from the menu. This is applicable to postpaid customers who want to recharge another prepaid number as well.

If your Postpaid plan allows a recharge you can recharge your number with prepaid scratch cards. If you are an Enterprise customer you can use recharge cards to add data and credit to your plan based on the eligibility of your current plan.

In case recharge is not reflecting, the Credit/ Data recharge should reflect immediately. If it is not updated please contact us with the reference number.

In case you are a new Vodafone customer, it may take some time to reflect your contact details in the system. Please contact us via chat or email with details.

In case your recharge fails, there are multiple reasons that a recharge can fail. Please check the response reason which should tell you why the recharge failed. If you are not satisfied, you can contact us via chat or email with details