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Internet Weekly Pack 125

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate the Internet Weekly 125 Unlimited?

To activate the Internet Weekly pack just dial *200*125# and the pack will be activated at a fee of QR 125 per week.

How do I deactivate the Internet Weekly 125 Unlimited?

You can deactivate the pack by dialing *250*125#

Do I have to activate the pack every week?

No, only activated the Pack will get automatically renewed weekly on being charged.

What happens if I do not have balance at the time of renewal of pack?

The Pack will be activated if the customer recharges within 30 days of renewal date. If the customer does have enough balance after 30 days of renewal date, the pack will be deactivated and a deactivation  SMS will be sent to the customer.

Can I use the data for roaming?

No, the Data cannot be used while roaming. If outside Qatar, standard Roaming data charges will apply.

What happens if I activate twice by mistake?

You will not be able to activate twice. You will get a response that you are already active on the Pack.

Can I activate 2 Internet packs together?

2 packs cannot be activated at the same time.

Does unlimited means I can use unlimited data?

Unlimited plans and promotions are offered for reasonable use only. Excessive use of the service beyond Vodafone’s reasonable discretion may result in negatively impacting the quality of service available to other Vodafone subscribers leading to suspension, speed throttling, traffic shaping or termination of the service. 

What is the Data charges after the FUP Limit?

The data over and above the FUP(100GB) will be charged at a special rate of 99Dhs per MB till the next renewal.