India Rate for Prepaid

Frequently Asked Questions

You can now call India for only 18Dhs per minute! 

Call India for only 18Dhs per minute! Prepaid customers need to dial *200*202# for QR 2/month to enjoy this amazing rate and they can deactivate it any time.

How do I get India 18Dhs calling rate?

You can activate the promotion by dialling *200*202#.  The 50 dhs charge will be deducted from your balance and all your calls to India will only be 18Dhs per minute for 1 week.  If you want to deactivate it any time, you can dial *250*9911#.

Who can benefit from India 18Dhs calling rate?

The rate is available to new and existing Vodafone Prepaid Customers as they can activate this amazing rate by dialing the relevant code. This rate  is not available to Freedom customers.

Is the India 18Dhs calling rate subscription One-Off Recurring?

Once you activate the India 18Dhs calling rate it will stay on your account and automatically renew every week, provided you have enough credit to pay the 50dhs charge.

To stop your promotion from renewing you must cancel the promotion by dialing *250*9911#

How do I cancel India 18Dhs calling rate?

You can cancel the India 18Dhs calling  rate by dialling*250*9911# .  When you cancel the promotion the standard India calling rate will apply immediately and the rate product will no longer renew.  You can activate the India 18Dhs calling  rate again by dialing *200*202# at any time.  You will be charged 50dhs for another week of the rate on reactivation. 

For the India 18Dhs calling rate do I get charged automatically at renewal?

Yes 50dhs will be automatically deducted at the time of renewal unless you have cancelled the subscription in this rate.  If you do not have sufficient credit at time of renewal, the India18 Dhs calling  rate will remain on your account ‘on hold’ for 1 week and will renew as soon as you recharge with sufficient credit.  You will be charged the standard rate for calls while the 18 Dhs rate is ‘on hold’ . If you do not recharge during this 7 day period the India 18Dhs calling  rate will be removed from your account and you will be charged standard rates.

Can I use India 18Dhs calling rate while I am roaming?

No, the rate of 18Dhs only applies on call made to India while you are in Qatar.