Need help understanding more about recharging with Flex? Find lots of useful information here with the most frequently asked questions about Flex.
To recharge with Flex online, click here or recharge through the MyVodafone App by clicking here.

How do I buy flex?

You have two options. You can either buy ANY Vodafone recharge card of value QR55,QR60,QR100 and choose flex by recharging with *777*PIN#.

You can also get 200 flex with one week validity for only QR20. 

What happens when I recharge with *127*pin#?

You get the normal benefits of the card when recharged dialling *127*pin#. For Eg. MI100 will give 9GB data or QR55 recharge will give QR55 credit.

What happens if I do not choose any option after dialling *777*PIN#?

If you do not select any option, the recharge does not happen and the customer has to try again.

Can I carry forward my FLEX balance by recharging another card with flex?

Yes, your flex balance can carried forward and will remain valid for another 30 days if you recharge with Flex before the expiry of your flex balance.

How do I check how much FLEX I have used?

You can check your FLEX balance through the My Vodafone app or by dialling *130#

If I have data and credit balance available as well as flex, which balance will be consumed first?

Data balance will be consumed first, followed by the flex balance. Your credit will be consumed last.

Can I use the FLEX while roaming?

FLEX can only be used locally in Qatar.

Will the FLEX balance be visible in My Vodafone App?

Yes, you can check your usage through the My Vodafone App.