Easy Donations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodafone Easy Donations?

Vodafone Easy Donations is a new service that allow all Postpaid customers to make monthly recurring donations to your favourite charity through the ease of your mobile phone.

How can I activate Vodafone Easy Donations?

You can activate your monthly donation through the My Vodafone App. Or, if you prefer, visit your nearest Vodafone store or contact our customer care team who would be happy to support you.

How can I deactivate Vodafone Easy Donations?

If you decide to cancel this service, you can deactivate using the My Vodafone App or by visiting your nearest Vodafone store.

Which charities can I donate to?

Vodafone has partnered with two leading charities in Qatar and you can choose to donate to one or both through the Vodafone Easy Donations service:

- Qatar Charity: Omenyati امنياتي  making the wishes of orphans come true in Qatar.

- Qatar Red Crescent: Urgent Relief Projects in Qatar & around the World.

Can anyone subscribe to Vodafone Charity Donations?

At this stage, monthly donations are only available for our Postpaid customers.