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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the currency I can purchase in?

All purchases will show in the local currency QAR.

How can I ask for a refund through Help Centre?

Go to Contact Us -> Choose “Android Apps and Games -> Request a refund.

I cannot associate my phone number with my email ID, as I am getting an error?

If you are receiving an error while setting up the mobile method payment, please call 111 for more investigation.

How can I do a refund from my account?

You can initiate the refund from your own account by going to My Apps-> choose the app you want to refund, click the refund option, and confirm. This is applicable within 2 hours of purchasing the app only!

What is Google DCB?

Google Direct Carrier Billing is a mobile payment method for Android customers to be able to purchase applications with their mobile and get it deducted from their Prepaid balance or added to their Postpaid bill.

How can I choose Google Carrier Billing as the default payment method?

The default payment method is chosen in the following order: Google Play credit > Credit Card, DCB, PayPal (the last used one has more priority among the last 3).

If user has Google Play credit balance, it would be the default payment method. Otherwise, the payment method which was used most recently would be the default payment method.

How can I ask for a refund through the web?

On webpage go to MyAccount-> Report a Problem -> select the refund option -> and then choose the type of refund you need.

DCB option doesn't appear on my Play Store even though it should... How to solve it?

Please check/try the followings: 

- Make sure Android OS version is Froyo or above.

- Make sure Play Store client is the latest version.

- Make sure you inserted the correct SIM card. Please note that devices with 2 SIM cards might have trouble.

- Delete data of Play Store (Settings -> Apps -> Play Store -> Delete data) and try again.

How do I remove Carrier Billing?

Go to MyAccount-> More Payment settings -> mobile carrier billing-> remove.

How I activate/ deactivate my carrier billing from Vodafone side?

Dial *100# from your handset -> dial 3 for My Settings -> Dial 4 for Play Store purchases -> Dial 1 or 2 for Activate or Deactivate Play Store purchases

Who can use this service?

All consumers, prepaid, FLEX and Red customers are eligible to use the service.

What can I purchase from Google DCB?

Anything is eligible to be purchased (Applications and in app purchases), except for any hardware purchase!

How will I get a confirmation of the purchase of any application?

An email will be sent to your associated email confirming the purchase of the application. You will also receive an SMS confirmation on your phone.

Describe how to set up and purchase using DCB?

Customer must visit MyAccount-> Add payment method-> Enable Carrier Billing. They must then enter their information for billing, which is their name, address, mobile number. Customer then must Accept. Once accepted, they will be able to view the carrier billing option for payment, and start purchasing with “Vodafone Billing”. NOTE: You will need internet (Not wi-fi) to set up your account for the first time. After it is set up, you can use both Wi-Fi and internet to purchase.

Can anyone use my mobile number for payment?

No, each customer needs to enter his Gmail account password to verify each transaction unless he disables this feature from his settings.

What if I have maxed out my limit in my Google Play Store purchases? How can I purchase apps again?

You can purchase apps in Google Play Store using the other payment options like a credit card.

Is it possible to purchase content and charge to your phone bill when in roaming?

You can only purchase content in Roaming Network if you have already setup Direct Carrier Billing service on your mobile service in your home network.

If I accidentally delete an app, will I be charged twice to get it again?

No, your purchases are accessible from 'My Apps' section within Google Play, as long as you use the same Google ID that you used to download the app (i.e., you will not be charged again.