If you think that your balance is disappearing, it’s probably getting consumed by one of these methods:

1. Your phone is consuming a lot of data that you’re not aware of

 You can easily control that by changing your phone settingsSee the steps below or :

android icon

How to save data on Android

  • Switch off Data for ''hungry data apps'' when not using them.

Go to Settings> Connections> Data Usage> Mobile Data Usage, and there you can see which apps use a lot of data and switch them off.

Or select the option “Set cellular data limit” to control how much data you want to use in certain time.

  • Stop Facebook from Auto-playing videos

Go to the Facebook app> Settings> app settings> Auto-Play, and turn on the ‘on Wi-Fi connections only’

  • Stop apps from using data in the background

Go to settings> Data Usage> Mobile Data Usage> select the app> and under ‘’App Settings’’ switch off ‘’Background Data’’.

IOS logo

How to save data on iOS

  • Switch off Data for ''hungry data apps'' when not using them.

Settings> Cellular,and you just need to switch off data for apps when you´re not using them

  • Stop Facebook from Auto-playing videos

Go to the Facebook app, settings, account settings, videos and photos, on Wi-Fi  only

  • Stop apps from using data in the background

Go to Settings > General and find Background App Refresh> you can disable this feature for all apps or select only specific apps

  • Switch off the iPhone's Wi-Fi Assist

Go to Settings > Cellular> Scroll all the way to the bottom and slide the toggle for Wi-Fi Assist OFF

  • Switch off the iTunes & App stores' automatic downloads when you don't need that
p>Go to settings> iTunes & App stores>Turn off data

  • Stop your iOS device from saving documents to iCloud when you don't need that

Go to settings> iCloud> Turn off data for the apps that you don't need to always back their content up to iCloud

2. You may have active "auto-renewal" services

There are 2 types of these services:

A. Vodafone Extras: like the Internet packs added to your Vodafone plan. To check what are the active extras on your account, open the My Vodafone app and go to the main menu> My products & services.

B. 3rd Party services: like the games or jokes that you activate by sending some letters to a specific short code. If you have one of these services active on your number, you will be receiving text messages about them regularly.

3. You may have requested Advance Credit previously

If you have a low balance on Prepaid, Advance Credit allows you to get QR 5 of credit instantly when your balance drops below QR 1. When you finish the QR 5, you could get another QR 5 for 5 times more (maximum QR 30 Advance Credit per month).

You may have previously requested to get Advance Credit.

The amount of Advance Credit will be deducted from your next recharge. For example, if you recharge with QR 35 after you have used a QR 5 Advance Credit then you will receive QR 30 on your next recharge.

4. Your balance may have expired

Download the My Vodafone app and you can check your remaining balance along with the expiry date.


5. Your phone’s call log shows any call that has seconds like the "1 minute & x seconds" call as "One minute" only.

Some phones don’t count seconds after exceeding one minute on a call. For example; if you made a one minute and 3 seconds call, when checking your call log, you will find it as one minute only.

So if you calculated how many minutes you made on calls through the call log, you’ll think that you've called, for example, only 30 minutes while you actually called 48 minutes (that are accumulated from the seconds that your phone call log ignored) which will make you think that you have missing minutes but you actually used all of them.

The phones, we tested and found out this happening with, are iPhones.

To check if your phone is behaving this way, do a test call to any number and look at the seconds counter on your screen and hang up after a minute and x seconds, then check your call logs. If you found the call shows as one minute only, then your phone is behaving this way and you will think that you have missing minutes while you actually don’t.

6. If you’re on Postpaid and added a product before the billing cycle start date

If you're on Postpaid and subscribe to a product or service on a day that is not your bill cycle start date, the charges and "value" of that product will be pro-rated against your next bill cycle which means you will not receive the whole value of that product.

Example: If your billing cycle start date is 1st of the month and on 25 of September, you added "Internet Super Pack" that gives you 15GB, you will only get 3GB.

7. You may have travelled abroad, and selected a specific network while roaming, that doesn’t charge you in real time

If you were roaming in some countries using specific operators there, you will not be charged in real-time. So, you will be roaming and your credit may not be consumed on the spot. You will be charged later on, up to 30 days after your roaming usage To check if the country that you visited recently has operators with non-real time charges, please  visit our roaming page  and type the country in the search field