Digital Parenting

digital parenting

Why do you need to know your child's digital world?

Internet, mobiles and other new technologies are enhancing daily life for many families.

As parents, you’ll know they’re saving us time and money, helping us build communities, encouraging creativity and self-expression, enabling a better work/life balance, and broadening our horizons and much more.

With these great opportunities, there are also some potential pitfalls for children with digital technology and the online world. Learning the fundamentals will help to prepare your children for issues which might arise such as cyberbullying or avoiding inappropriate content on the web.

Digital Parent’s checklist

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to your child’s digital world, so here’s a handy checklist to get you started…

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Parent’s guide to internet technology

Smartphones, tablets, games consoles, and laptops… The number of ways in which our children can access the internet is growing. Here is your guide to the technology they are using...

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Understanding digital jargon

From apps to Android, streaming to Snapchat – common digital world terms and phrases, explained clearly…

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Tips and tools

Did you know that in Qatar, 85% of children (9-18 years) are using the internet, over 50% of them on mobile phones? Discover the tips and tools you need to keep your child safe in the digital world…

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Your wider digital family

Uncles and aunts, grandparents and cousins – find out how your wider digital family can pay a part in keeping your children safe online…

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Games Ratings

The AmanTECH guide to finding the information you need about the games your children play...

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