Qatar’s first unbanked e-wallet provides customers with seamless digital payment solution

Doha, Qatar, 21 April, 2023: Vodafone Qatar has wrapped up its Ramadan 2023 campaign, ‘Al Bayt Al 3oud,’ with a spotlight on the mobile operator’s iPay solution, underlining its value for consumers across Qatar in making instant, hassle-free digital transactions.

Concluding the TV commercial series that ran throughout Ramadan, the final episode revolves around the joyful tradition of Eidiya where the grandfather is seen embracing modern technology to quickly and seamlessly gift money to the family’s nanny, who is away for the holidays. iPay by Vodafone emerges as an immediate problem solver with its fast and secure international transfers, helping him bring joy to her and her family, save precious time and keep up with the pace of today’s fast-moving world.

iPay is a secure e-wallet application from Vodafone Qatar’s Infinity Payment Solutions (IPS), a separate financial entity and 100 percent subsidiary of Vodafone. The solution can be used by all consumers in Qatar, regardless of their telecom service provider, and is accessible in multiple languages with round-the-clock support.

Customers can download the iPay application from the Apple and Google Play stores and register in less than 60 seconds. iPay can be used to conduct fast and secure local and international money transfers, instant payments at over 4000 outlets around Qatar, as well as select utility and bill payments.

To mark the holy month, Vodafone Qatar rolled out its 5-episode Al Bayt Al 3oud sitcom early in Ramadan to underscore the crucial importance of internet connectivity in assisting people and businesses. Created in partnership with Qatari filmmaker, writer and producer, Hamida Issa, the sitcom takes viewers on a journey through the lives of a family uniting over Ramadan to celebrate tradition, culture and community.

Identified as the World’s Fastest Mobile Network by Ookla, Vodafone Qatar is committed to empowering customers with its fast speeds and reliable network. As a champion of a digital-first lifestyle, Vodafone has been actively working to deploy innovative technologies and advanced solutions via its various products and services that help address the modern needs of customers.

Diego Camberos, Chief Operating Officer at Vodafone Qatar, commented: “Ensuring that our customers have access to leading-edge self-service technologies, in line with global advancements, has been amongst our top priorities at Vodafone Qatar. Our iPay solution was developed under this focus and has served as a vital platform for consumers to make day-to-day payments quickly and efficiently.

“As we mark the end of Ramadan with the special celebration of Eid, customers can take advantage of the digitally-operable solution to avoid carrying cash and avail of direct access to instant transfers, enjoying a faster, smoother and more advanced way of distributing Eidiya.”

To find out more about Vodafone Qatar’s Ramadan campaign, visit www.vf.qa/Ramadan



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