Platform to support Qatar Charity Iftar Programme

Doha, Qatar 12 April 2021: For the second year in a row, Vodafone Qatar’s Ramadan digital engagement platform will encourage everyone in the country to be part of its charitable giving campaign during the holy month.

In the spirit of giving back and to inspire all communities to participate, Vodafone Qatar has partnered with Qatar Charity to fully support their Ramadan programme “Iftar from home to home”. This is the first such programme managed by Qatar Charity that sees Qatari producing families create home cooked iftar meals that are then distributed by Qatar Charity to low income families directly to their homes. Every 100 points collected by playing on the platform are equivalent to an iftar meal donation, so the more people play, the faster Vodafone gets to its donation goal of 6000 meals.

Vodafone’s Ramadan platform will get participants playing with a range of games and activities, including daily polls, trivia questions, a sorting quiz, word puzzles and button masher polls. Participants will also get the chance to win a 5G smartphone every day during the month of Ramadan.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Khames Mohammed Al Naimi, Chief Human Resources Officer at Vodafone Qatar said, “With Vodafone’s Ramadan platform, Vodafone Qatar brings together entertainment and doing good in an innovative new way, continuing its role as a pioneer and leader in digital engagement. We are delighted to expand our longstanding partnership with Qatar Charity to help low-income families during the holy month through this unique programme that also encourages local production and has positive socio economic benefits.”
Mr. Ali Ibrahim Al-Gharib, Director of the Resource Development Department at Qatar Charity thanked Vodafone Qatar for this initiative, which allows the public to give in an attractive way during the month of Ramadan, and at the same time supports an important Ramadan project of Qatar Charity, which seeks the assistance of Qatari producing families in providing home cooked iftar meals for low-income families.  He also emphasized that Qatar Charity is keen to strengthen the partnership with Vodafone Qatar and all local commercial institutions and entities, aiming to garner support for its community, humanitarian, and development projects.

The Vodafone Ramadan platform can be accessed via the web as well on mobile devices using the link Ramadan.vf.qa, and through the My Vodafone App.


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