DOHA, Qatar, 29 March 2022: Vodafone Qatar has announced a new partnership with the Qatari food delivery platform Rafeeq. The two companies will work together to identify how tailored, innovative digital solutions and customer insights based on Big Data, can support Rafeeq to optimise their operations and enhance customer service and experience.
Vodafone’s portfolio of business solutions is created to cater for businesses across a diverse range of industries, and all sizes. For Rafeeq, Vodafone’s Internet of Things (IoT) Fleet Management and Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions are examples of technologies that can help the food delivery platform meet their business objectives.
Mahday Saad E M Al-Hebabi, Enterprise Business Unit Director at Vodafone Qatar, commented: “Rafeeq has a strong set of commitments to its customers; it promises to deliver a high-quality service at high speed, and offers several digitally-enabled features for them to use. Our solutions can equip them with the tools to keep those promises, which is essential in building customer trust and, therefore, a successful business. By combining our pioneering technology with the resilience of human spirit, together we can enable businesses to move forward, adapt and adopt new ways of communicating and operating. We can tailor our solutions to the specific needs of any business and provide technologies that streamline their operations and enable them to continue on their digital transformation journey.”
Mr. Abdullah Thamer Alhemaidi, CEO of Rafeeq, stated: “We are in the process of leveraging a group of solutions to enhance our platform’s technical value by employing innovative, smart technologies. These digital solutions include Vodafone’s IoT Fleet Management, for smoother and more controlled management of our drivers’ fleet. Our constant goal is to improve efficiency, so as to both increase the value of our business, and enhance the service for our valued customers.
“Enhancing our efficiency means accelerating the speed of our deliveries, as well as providing technical solutions and the necessary data to hone and develop our services, whether by reducing distances, defining appropriate routes, or reducing the time and effort required to complete jobs. This is all especially important given the continuing expansion of our operations, and the levelling up of our services to meet global standards, all in order to keep pace with the evolving technology sector. As a result, we have partnered with Vodafone through this new pioneering and ambitious program.”
Both businesses will now collaborate to identify the most suitable solutions for Rafeeq’s needs, including any customisation requirements. For instance, many factors can affect the efficiency of delivery operations, including distance and travel time, traffic congestion, driving behaviour, high fuel costs and even weather conditions. Rafeeq can use Vodafone’s IoT Fleet Management Solution to manage and monitor their fleet operations, optimise efficiency and manage all of these factors in order to increase customer satisfaction.
To the same end, Rafeeq can also use Vodafone’s tailored Big Data and Advanced Analytics solution, which has the ability to deliver real-time, anonymised, aggregated data, in accordance with Qatar regulations and global best practices. The innovative platform gathers vast amounts of data to generate insights for a deeper understanding of customer behaviour.
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