DOHA, Qatar, 10 April 2021: As part of its wider digitalisation agenda, Vodafone Qatar has today introduced Labeeb, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot that is available for customers on the Vodafone App. A key part of the Company’s continued efforts to drive digital transformation in the market and customer usage of its digital channels, Labeeb is also one of the first AI-powered chatbots in Qatar.

Labeeb currently provides customer services that relate to the most widely used features on the app such as bill payments, top-ups, add-on management and special offer information. Labeeb is enabled via Natural Language Processing capabilities blended with Machine Learning and provides multi-lingual support in both English and Arabic. User language is automatically detected and can be seamlessly switched at any point during a conversation. Moreover, Labeeb is context aware and can resume a conversation should there be a disconnection.

Commenting on the new service, Chief Operating Officer at Vodafone Qatar, Diego Camberos, said: “Digital transformation underpins Vodafone Qatar’s corporate strategy and is embedded into all of our operations so that we can deliver a premium customer service. Labeeb is a great example of the many ways we are using smart technology to constantly support our customers quickly and efficiently, whilst in an approachable manner that is as similar to human interaction as possible. Our customers are increasingly using digital channels to interact with us and use our services, and we wholly encourage this as we drive digital transformation in Qatar.”

AI-enabled customer services are transforming the scope of web chat and virtual assistants. Using cutting edge self-service technologies means that customers can benefit from their speed and convenience, resulting in a simpler and more efficient customer experience. With training, these tools can identify what customers are trying to achieve so that they can offer the right assistance. By taking care of routine queries, these tools free up trained, specialist agents to handle more complex customer needs where required.

Labeeb is the latest in a long line of continuous enhancements that have been made to the Vodafone App, all to ensure high-quality digital customer experiences are delivered to the palm of your hand. The specific services offered by Labeeb include providing payment e-receipts, allowing recharging using a credit balance, saving credit card details for future use, managing add-ons and facilitating complaint tracking.

To start using Labeeb, customers simply need to click on the Labeeb icon located on the main page of the Vodafone App.


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