Number Policy

Vodafone Qatar Number Policy


All relevant definitions in the Vodafone Terms and Conditions shall apply.

1. Introduction

Our Customers’ focus on Numbers is fundamentally important to us and so is the proper administration and utilisation of such Numbers. Vodafone Numbers will only be assigned to Customers through online reservation and retail stores and Number auctions, which we may conduct from time to time. Below is Vodafone’s policy on the allocation of Numbers to our Customers.

2. Ownership of Numbers

All numbers are the property of the State of QATAR. ictQATAR may, when necessary, make changes to the numbers allocated and assigned to Vodafone. Vodafone may need to withdraw or make changes to the numbers assigned to Customers in the event of any such action by ictQATAR. The Reservation Charge paid for a number entitles the Customer only to the use of the number. The ownership of the number remains with the State of QATAR under the administrative control of ictQATAR.

3. Free Numbers

Every Customer that joins Vodafone is entitled to a free number which Vodafone will assign to the Customer with no Reservation Charge.

4. My Numbers

Every Customer can request a specific number that is of importance to the Customer. This can include for example date of birth, car licence plate, name or surname of the Customer. Vodafone will collect a Reservation Charge for this number request. This number is special for the Customer and We are delivering the service of searching and provisioning this number for the Customer. The reservation charge for My Number is QR500.

5. Star Numbers

These are rare and exclusive high-value numbers that are easy to remember. Every Customer has a choice to reserve any of the available Star Numbers. Vodafone will collect a Reservation Charge for these numbers. Vodafone has created tiers of numbers with different Reservation Charges together with an external partner who has global experience in this area. Numbers price starts from QR500 till QR1,000.000.

6. How to reserve My Numbers and Star Numbers

Customers will be able to search for a My Number or Star Number on Our website, or in our Retail Stores. A Customer must pay the full Reservation Charge at the point of online reservation if the Reservation Charge for the number is less than QR 40,000.

If the Customer reserves a Vodafone number online and the Reservation Charge for the selected number exceeds QR 40,000 the Customer can choose to either pay for the full Reservation Charge online or make a partial payment of QR 25,000 with his or her credit card at the moment of the online purchase; and pay the remaining amount to the courier by cheque at the moment of delivery of the Welcome Pack. All number reservations made in the Retail Stores and at number auctions must be paid in full at the time of reservation.

All Prepaid and Postpaid numbers booked through online reservation can be collected from the selected Vodafone Store within 3 working days from the date of the order.

7. Use of Numbers

Any reserved number must be assigned to an active Vodafone pricing plan. If the Customer cancels the pricing plan, the number will be deactivated and made available for reservation after 180 days from the date of cancellation. A Customer can contact us on our call centre number 800 7111 or 111 from a Vodafone mobile or visit one of our Retail Stores to reactivate the number within this 180 day period.

8. Transfer of Numbers

As the use of numbers is tied to a price plan a number cannot be transferred to another Customer without the pricing plan. When a Customer decides to transfer a number to a third party, the Customer must visit one of our Retail Stores for further information on how to initiate such transfer. All outstanding amounts due on the account must be settled prior to the transfer of number taking place and any remaining balance on the account will be lost upon transfer. Freedom customers may need to deactivate the roaming service 45 days prior to the transfer or number request is processed; therefore no roaming will be available during the 45 days. Vodafone will charge QR50 to affect the transfer of number request.

9. Refunds for Number reservations

Customers can return reserved numbers within 7 (seven) days after reservation. The Customer should inform us by calling our Customer care number 800 711 or 111 from a Vodafone mobile. We will offer the Customer a number of the same value and should the Customer still request a refund, We will process the refund for the paid Reservation Charge to within 7 (seven) days of return of the number.. If the Customer does not want to reserve another My Number or Star Number we will assign a Free Number to the Customer for the continued use of the pricing plan.

The paid Reservation Charge shall not be refundable for any Number reserved during a charity event or during a time where Vodafone clearly communicates to Customers that the Reservation Charge will be donated to charity.

If ictQATAR decides to re-allocate numbers; re-assign numbers, or change the national number plan, We will offer the Customers with Star Numbers or My Numbers similar numbers to the one the Customer had originally reserved.

In cases where the Customer does not want another similar number, We will offer the Customer a fair compensation. The level of compensation will be reduced pro-rata to the length of time that the Customer has used the number during a 4 year period at which time the number value will be reduced to zero.

10. Changes to this Policy and Numbers

We will notify the Customers of any changes to this Policy and to any changes to Vodafone Qatar’s approach to Numbers, including if ictQATAR has decided to re-allocate Numbers, re-assign Numbers, or change the national number plan used in Qatar.