M Women

Our M Women initiative gives Qatari women the chance to learn entrepreneurial skills and earn a living by selling Vodafone products and services to their friends, families and communities.

However, the programme is not just a commercial move; it also helps to connect people who would otherwise be difficult to reach because of the traditional role of women in Qatari society. It has also created a community where women can access and share technology as well as socialise. The pilot project began in 2010 with women who had never worked before and who came from traditional Qatari families. Becoming involved in the program has been a significant step for them as they have gained independence and prosperity, both socially as well as educationally.

Our M Women

If you were born to be in branding or considering yourself a master of all things marketing, then we’d love you to join us. Put your talent to good use and find smart ways to impact customer perception by using new digital technology to provide offers and services that are relevant and attractive.

  • They come from very connected, traditional communities and target high value Qatari customers
  • They are a positive fit with their cultural traditions while learning, growing and earning in sustainable ways through Vodafone Qatar
  • They work from home and sell to their families, friends and relatives
  • They are now established, respected women, as well as ‘mini mobile entrepreneurs’ who attend weekly meetings at the Vodafone Qatar Headquarters to discuss their sales figures
  • They have raised Vodafone’s profile and credibility which has been evidenced by great publicity (e.g. http://www.commsmea.com/11710-women-bring-value-to-mobile-market/)
  • They also join Vodafone events and celebrate their successes

Training and Development

  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Community engagements and events

  • Products and services knowledge
  • Customer service
  • English course