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iPhone SE Launch Offers FAQs

What devices can I trade-in?

You can trade in any iPhone starting from iPhone 5 to the latest models.

Is the price of old handsets shown in the Trade-in system in store permanent?

No, the price is valid only for that day and is subject to change the next day as the handset may need to be re-examined each time.

How many devices can I trade in at a time?

You can trade up to 3 iPhone devices (can be different models) to purchase the new iPhone SE.

What do I bring when I trade-in my device?

You only need to bring in the device to complete the trade-in even if you don’t have the old device box, charger, headsets and any other accessories.

Should I produce any proof of Purchase for the Old Device?

No need for Proof of Purchase, just bring the device as is.

Can I trade-in my device if it is locked to an iCloud account?

Yes we accept iCloud locked devices however we advise all our customers to sign out of iCloud to get the best value for their devices

Can I trade-in my device if Find My iPhone is Turned on?

Yes. We accept devices with Find My iPhone turned on. However we advise all our customers to turn off Find My iPhone to get the best value for their devices

How do I turn off Find My iPhone?

To turn off Find My iPhone on your Apple device please do the following:
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap iCloud
  • Sign in with your Apple ID, if necessary.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone.

Is my personal data safe?

Before you handover your device to Vodafone, please ensure to back up and erase all your data from the device. This ensures that all your personal information is completely removed from your device before you trade it in.

Should I do a factory reset of my old device before handing it over to Vodafone?

As a best practice we advise all our customers to erase all personal data and reset the old device prior to handing it over to Vodafone in any iPhone starting from iPhone 5 to the latest models.

How do I do a Factory-reset on my iPhone?

To reset your iPhone go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings. After typing in your passcode (if you've set one)

Do you accept broken devices?

Yes. We do pay a reduced amount for devices that are not working.

Can I get cash in return for the device trade in?

The sale value will be provided by Vodafone as a discount on the purchase of new iPhone SE only and the discount must be used at the Vodafone store in which the sale of the Device occurred or at the time when the Vodafone sales agent delivers the iPhone SE for Trade-in at the agreed address.

Can I get my old device back if there is change of mind later?

No. All trade in transactions are final. The device can't be returned to you after you've traded it in.

Where can I trade-in?

Trade -in service are available in select retail stores. We are also offering free trade-in service delivered to you, visit and select trade-in. Our trade-in support team will contact you for further assistance.

What are the other benefits of buying an iPhone SE from Vodafone?

When you buy an IPhone SE from Vodafone you can get the following discounts until 30 June 2020 as below:
  • QR50 discount on plan rental for 12 months on Unlimited 350 and 450 plans
  • 20% discount on plan rental for 6 months on all Flex plans
  • 20% discount on plan rental for 6 months on MBB150 data plan

How can I avail of these discounts?

If you purchase an iPhone SE and subscribe to the above plans, port in, migrate from Prepaid or upgrade from a lower value plan to the above mentioned eligible plans, you will get the corresponding discount automatically on signing up.

Can I trade in my old device only and opt not to buy/upgrade new plan?

Yes. You can purchase an iPhone SE and choose either to trade in or get discounts when subscribing to plans or both.

Can I subscribe to several plans and get multiple discounts on these plans?

You can only take one promotion at a time and cannot combine offers currently available in the market.

Are existing Vodafone Postpaid customers eligible to get any discount when they buy the new iPhone SE?

No. Existing post-paid customer must subscribe/upgrade to one of the eligible plans to get the discount.

Can customers redeem the plan discount against the new iPhone SE purchase?

No. Plan discount cannot be redeemed against the new iPhone SE purchase.

What other promotions can customers get when they purchase an iPhone SE?

Other than the trade in offer and plan discounts, customers purchasing an iPhone SE also gets a Vodafone exclusive 2nd year warranty worth QR149, free 1 year Apple TV & 6 months Apple Music subscriptions.