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  • What is the Welcome Pack?
    • The Vodafone Welcome Pack contains your Vodafone SIM, along with your Vodafone number.
  • How long does my Prepaid credit last?
    • The validity of your credit depends on your plan:

      Vodafone Recharge QR10 & QR20 is valid for 60 days

      Vodafone Recharge QR35, QR55, QR100, QR150 & QR200 is valid for 180 days

      Vodafone Recharge QR300 & QR500 is valid for 365 days

  • What is Vodafone Postpaid?
    • Vodafone Postpaid is the new way to pay for your mobile usage on a monthly basis upon receiving a bill.

      The price of your Plan is paid each month in advance, and any additional usage is reflected on your next monthly bill.

  • What Postpaid Plans are available?
  • What do I need to join Postpaid?
      • To be over 18 years old
      • Valid Qatari ID with a valid Resident Visa.
      • Expat customers without credit cards are requested to pay QR 100 upfront, which will be deducted from the first bill.
  • What is a billing cycle?
    • It is the day of the month when your bill is calculated and the value of your plan is renewed. This cycle lasts for one calendar month.

  • What is International Plus?
    • By activating the International Plus, Vodafone will simply replace the international value you currently have on your plan with international hours to call ANY number from the eligible countries for only QR 50 per month. Also, if you are a customer on the Red L Plan (QR 350) or below, and have the International Plus activated, your international calling will no longer be limited to 1 or 2 numbers! Please see the table above to know how many more hours you would get on your plan.

  • What plans is the International Plus eligible for?
    • The International Plus is available on all Red Postpaid plans. The hours received with the International Plus is dependent on your plan.

  • What countries is the International Plus eligible for?
    • To see a list of eligible countries, please click here.


    Favourite International No.

    International Discount

    Go by OSN


    Learn more about your Favourite International Number

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  • What is the new Favourite International Number Bonus?
    • With the new Favourite International Number Bonus, you will receive three hours of FREE international calling per month to one international number you choose.

      To set up your Favourite International Number, just dial 122, or visit your nearest Vodafone store. For the list of eligible countries please click here

  • Who is eligible for the Favourite International Number Bonus?
    • All new and existing customers on Vodafone Postpaid, Gold Plans and above are eligible for the Favourite International Number Bonus. 

  • If I already have another bundle of free minutes in my account, then which one will be used first?
    • If you already have existing free Vodafone minutes from any Prepaid plan, whichever minutes expire first will be used first.

  • What is the new International Discount?
    • The new International Discount from Vodafone offers all Postpaid customers our new International rates to 15 countries, listed in link here,

      For Classic 100, Red M & Red L Plans, customers can add the International Discount for just QR 10 per month.

      For Red XL & Red VIP, the International Discount is included in the Plans

  • Who is eligible for the new International Discount?
  • Go by OSN is the ultimate online viewing experience, giving subscribers the freedom to choose when, where and how they watch their favorite movies and TV shows.






    Running out of credit? Find out how you can easily recharge.

    Never leave the country without making sure you are informed about how to use roaming.

    Check your balance, activate scratch cards, voicemail and more...


  • How do I recharge while I’m abroad?
    • With our Postpaid plans, you’ll always be connected because your payments are made automatically from your bank account, credit card or you can also pay at one of our stores.

      On Prepaid, there are 3 easy ways to recharge (1) Visit our online recharge page on the website or on our Facebook page (2) Dial 111 from your mobile phone. Listen to the instructions and then enter the unique number that is printed on your Recharge card (3) Dial *127*, followed by the unique number that is printed on your Recharge card and then press call

  • What recharge options do you offer?
    • We offer multiple recharge options. Just choose which one is more comfortable for you:

      • Online recharge
      • Using scratch cards you buy in Vodafone Stores
      • At the ATM machines (QNB, QIB and Doha Bank) 
      • From the Vodafone Money Account
  • How does Online Recharge work?
    • Online Recharge is the fastest way to recharge your prepaid account and it's available 24/7. In order to recharge online you need internet connection on your device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) and a valid Mastercard or Visa credit card. You will be asked to enter the mobile number you want to recharge and to choose a plan. Once the payment is confirmed a confirmation SMS will notify you that the plan has been added to your account.

  • Can I transfer credit to another Vodafone customer?
    • You cannot transfer credit to another customer. However if you have activated a Vodafone Money Account, you can buy a Prepaid Plan as a gift for someone else. To find out more about a Vodafone Money Account click here

  • How do I turn off my Roaming?
    • Before you go overseas you can turn off your Roaming by calling Customer Care Centre on 111 from your Vodafone number or 800 7111 from any other number whilst in Qatar. If you are already overseas you can turn off your Roaming by calling +974 7700 7111.
  • Can I only turn off my Data Roaming and still be able to make and receive calls?
    • Yes, if you are using a smart phone, you can just turn off your Data Roaming and still make and receive calls; for example for BlackBerry and iPhone users, you can do this by following these steps:
      • BlackBerry: menu>manage connection>mobile network options>data service while roaming>off
      • iPhone: menu>settings>network>data roaming>off
  • What countries can I Roam in?
  • Can I check my balance while I’m roaming?
    • Yes, you can check your balance at any time by dialling *129# from your Vodafone mobile. Please note that this is dependent on the network you are roaming on.
  • What is *100#?
    • You can dial *100# to check your balance, activate a scratch card, activate or deactivate your voicemail or to forward calls.

  • How can I check my balance using *100#?
    • Dial *100# and choose Check Balance. You will receive a SMS with your balance shortly after.
  • How can I activate a scratch card?
    • Dial *100# and choose Activate scratch card. You will then be asked to enter the scratch card number. If the scratch card’s number is valid, then the balance will be applied to your account.

    International Calling Cards

    Mobile Internet



    Learn more about our International Calling Cards

    Need internet on your phone or tablet. See how you get connected.

    A picture is worth 1000 words. True? Use the MMS service.


  • What are the International Calling Cards from Vodafone?
    • The International Cards give you the BEST value for calling 15 destinations. You have the option of two cards to select from:

      - International 10 Card: 21mins, 7 days validity (MOST Affordable International card in Qatar)
      - International 25 Card: 56mins valid for 30 days and 2GB valid for 1 day (Effective rate: LESS than 45 Dhs/min)

  • How do I check my International Card balance?
    • You can check your balance the same way as all Prepaid and Postpaid plans by dialling *129#, you’ll receive a SMS with the balance of International Calling Card minutes.

  • How do I load a new International Card onto my mobile?
    • Dial 127 from your Vodafone mobile followed by the unique number that is printed on your receipt or on the International 25 Card and the # key. (For example: *127*12345678#). Then press the send button to activate the request.

  • What are the new Internet Packs?
    • Below are the new Internet Packs available to all Vodafone Qatar customers.

      Product NamePayGetValidity
      Internet Daily Pack 2 QR 2 10 MB Till midnight the same day
      Internet Weekly Pack 6 QR 6 30 MB 7 days
      Internet Monthly Pack 15 QR 15 60 MB 1 Month

      We still offer the Internet Monthly Packs of 50, 100 and 100 Recurring.

      ExtraTypeYou PayYou Get
      Internet Monthly Pack 50 One-Off QR 50 250 MB
      Internet Monthly Pack 100 One-Off QR 100 1 GB
      Internet Monthly Pack 100 Recurring Automatic QR 100 1 GB
      Internet Monthly Pack 200 One-Off QR 200 4 GB
  • How do I get the new Internet Packs?
    • You can subscribe to any of the new Internet Packs simply by dialling the below numbers from your Vodafone mobile.

      • For the Internet Daily Pack 1, dial *200*302#
      • For the Internet Weekly Pack 6, dial *200*306#
      • For the Internet Weekly Pack 10, dial *200*710#
      • For the Internet Plus 15 Pack, dial *200*715#
      • For the Internet Plus 20 Pack, dial *200*720#
      • For the Internet Monthly Pack 15, dial *200*315#

      The price of the Internet Pack will be deducted from your balance and the included MBs automatically added to your account.

      For Internet Monthly Packs of 20, 50, 100 and 100 Recurring Extras you can continue to purchase a scratch card from any Vodafone Retail or Partner store, visit our Online Recharge page, selected Doha Banks and QNB ATMs across Qatar or call us on 111 from your Vodafone mobile or 800 7111 from any other phone.

  • Are the new Internet Packs One-Off or Recurring?
    • All the new Internet Packs are recurring so you only need to use the USSD for the first time purchase. The Internet Daily Pack 2 will only automatically renew on days that you use data. On days you don’t use any data you will not be charged the QR2 for this subscription. Once you subscribe to the Weekly or Monthly Internet Packs, they will stay on your account and automatically renew at the end of their validity period as long as you have sufficient credit on your account.
  • How do I send an MMS?
    • This is a general guide for sending MMS:
      • Select 'messaging' from your mobile phone menu.
      • Select 'create new message'.
      • Select 'multimedia message'.
      • Insert your image, text, sound or video to the multimedia message.
      • Once you are happy with your message select the 'to/recipient' field.
      • Select mobile numbers and email addresses you want to send the message to.
      • Press 'send'.
      If you have difficulty sending an MMS from your mobile you should refer to your manual or contact the manufacturer.
  • Is my phone set up to send MMS?
    • When you first put your new Vodafone SIM into your mobile phone we'll send settings to your mobile phone that allow you to use MMS on the Vodafone network. You'll need to save the settings to your phone in order for them to take effect. If you didn't save the settings or have changed them, you can contact our Customer Care Centre on 800 7111 or 111 from your Vodafone mobile to have the settings re-sent.
  • Can I set up my MMS manually?
    • Yes, you can. To set up your mobile phone you will need to enter the following settings:
      • Connection Name: VFQ MMS
      • Bearer: GPRS
      • Access Point Name:
      • No user name or password required
      • IP address:
      • IP port number: 80
      • MMSC URL: