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Vodafone plans

Postpaid plans

Red Plans

Enjoy peace of mind with Red.

Do you want to control your bills, avoid bill shocks and use your local plan data globally? Red has it all.
Experience peace of mind with Red and enjoy a wide range of services designed to meet your every need. Red allows you to control your bills and avoid bill shocks. You can set a spend limit on all your lines, use your local plan data globally and roam on any network in 20 other countries, in addition to many other benefits.

Red Plans Extras

Flex Plans

Flex Extras

How to use flex?

With Flex plans, we’re introducing Flex, a new and simpler way to make calls or use data the way you want. Every Flex plan gives you Flex which you can use your way to either make local or international calls, send local or international SMS, or use data.

  • 1 Local Minute
    = 1Flex
  • 1 SMS Local or International
    = 1Flex
  • 1GB Data
    = 147Flex
  • 1 Minute to India
    = 1Flex
  • 1 Minute to Egypt
    = 5Flex
  • 1 Minute to Pakistan
    = 4Flex

Flex are a set of units which give you the flexibility to consume them the way you want. Meaning, if you want more data, simply use more Flex for data and less for calls.

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Endless Possibilities to Use my Flex plan

There are endless possibilities on how you can use your Flex. Use this tool to see how you can get the most out of the Flex in your chosen Flex Plan. Start by selecting your plan and then use the sliders to find your perfect mix of Calls and Data.

Choose your Flex plan

Local Calls
Used: / Available:

Flex Plans give you great benefits

In addition to the flexibility that you get with the new Flex plans, you get so much more to use it your way for your personal & family needs.

  • Free Family Calls
  • Carry Forward Flex
  • Bill Manager
  • Smart Limit

Vodafone for All

Vodafone for All is our programme to support people with disabilities and retired Qataris with special offers and services

Vodafone for All

If you're a customer registered and hold a valid special needs card from the Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Needs (QSRSN) or from the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA), you can purchase these postpaid plans with a 50% discount.
You can also redeem a 10% discount on any of the handsets we carry*.

*Not applicable with existing handset offers

Add Extras to your Plan

Add-ons give you extra benefits to the ones found in your plan such as additional data, roaming packs, international minutes or even entertainment services. Choose the Extra that best suits your needs and get the most out of your Vodafone Red plan.

Prepaid plans

Choose a Prepaid Plan

Prepaid Extras

FLEX Rates

Your usage will be deducted from your FLEX balance at the rate shown below:

1 Local Min 1 Flex
1 SMS local or international 1 Flex
1GB Data 147 Flex
1 min to Pakistan 4 Flex
1 min India 1 Flex
1 min to Nepal, Bangladesh 2 Flex
1 min to Egypt 5 Flex
1 min to Philippines 4 Flex

Now Recharge with FLEX

Now you can recharge directly with FLEX. Get any of the below recharge cards and follow these simple steps and ensure you CHOOSE FLEX when you recharge and enjoy the benefit of getting one FLEX balance for many uses at great rates.

Dial *777*PIN# to recharge. You will get 2 options: 1. Credit balance or Data / 2. Flex

Vodafone Recharge Credit/Data Flex
QR20 Recharge QR 20 200
QR55 Recharge QR 55 475
QR100 Recharge QR 100 1000
QR150 Recharge QR 150 1700
QR200 Recharge QR 200 2500
QR300 Recharge QR 300 3750
QR500 Recharge QR 500 6250
Internet 60 2.5GB 500
Internet 80 4GB 700
Internet 100 7GB 1000
Internet 200 20GB 2500

QR 20 FLEX balance valid for 7 Days. Remaining cards FLEX balance valid for 30 days / Always dial *130# to check your Flex balance

*Only applicable on recharges of QR 55 and above. Scroll down to see the call rates to all countries.

Get FLEX for as low as QR 20

Offer You Pay You Get Validity Activation Code
Flex 20 Weekly QR 20 200 Flex 7 Days *200*771
Flex 50 Monthly QR 50 450 Flex 30 Days *200*45#
Flex 100 Monthly QR 100 1000 Flex 30 Days *200*1000#

Always dial *130# to check your Flex balance

All unused Flex will expire automatically at the end of validity. Always check your Flex balance before and after using your phone. Simply dial *130# or check My Vodafone App. Download it from

International Rates for FLEX

Choose Country

Flex Rate/min


* Terms and conditions apply.

Credit transfer and advanced credit

Now you can transfer credit to your friends and family and help them stay connected!

With the new Credit Transfer service from Vodafone, all you need to do to transfer your credit to other Vodafone Prepaid customers is send to 97800.

Eg: to transfer QR 50 to mobile number 77259095, type ‘77259095 50’ and send to 97800.

Prepaid customers who transfer credit will be charged QR 1 and can transfer as little as QR 1 and as much as QR 1000 per day.

With Advance Credit from Vodafone you’ll always have credit when you need it!

Get QR5 with Advance Credit service on Prepaid!

When your balance is below QR 1 simply send an SMS with ‘5’ to 97555 and you’ll receive QR5 Advance Credit instantly. Service cost is QR 1 and includes 2 local SMS messages valid until midnight.

What is RED Weekly?

One card, one week, Red has it all. Red weekly is a Prepaid card that will take you to the world of Red where you will not need any other recharge for 1 week.

Benefits of RED Weekly

You can enjoy all the below benefits for QR100:

  • Unlimited Local Calling & SMS
  • 5GB of internet
  • 100 Flex to make international calls or use more Data
  • Carry forward for Data & Flex if recharge is done before expiry

Where to get RED Weekly

You can get Red weekly card in any supermarket or you can simply purchase it from our website.

Recharge online Order SIM + Card online

Already have a Vodafone SIM?

Purchase Red Weekly card through My Vodafone App .Alternatively dial *200*1010# to subscribe through USSD after recharging with enough credit.

How to use flex credit ?

Use the tool below to know how can you use your 100 flex credit to call International

Choose Country

Flex Rate/min


* Terms and conditions apply.

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