Vodafone warns public about number fraudsters

Doha, 17 February, 2009: It has come to Vodafone's attention that people are illegally representing Vodafone, and claiming to have Vodafone Star Numbers.

Vodafone would like to warn the public that these people are fraudulent, and clearly set out the only way numbers can legitimately be reserved.

At present, the only way to reserve a Vodafone Star Number is at Vodafone's Star Numbers event on 1 March 2009. At this event, the reservation rights to Vodafone's first 40 Star Numbers will be auctioned.  The Star Numbers auction event will be held at the Sharq Village and Spa starting at 7pm.  Only 500 tickets are available to attend this event which is set to be one of the most exciting events of the year. Tickets can be purchased at a cost of QR 2000 till the 27th of February at Al Sharq's reception from 10am to 10pm.

The full list of Star Numbers that will be auctioned on the night are listed on Vodafone's website www.vodafone.com.qa, and includes numbers such as 7878787,  7111111, 7999999, 7888887,  7272727 and 7771777- the Star Number especially chosen by Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton.

In future, Vodafone will make available a range of other numbers for reservation online at a range of fixed costs.  These will be transparently displayed online using globally accepted reservation systems. Numbers WILL NOT be available from any resellers or agents.


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