Vodafone to Be the First Mobile Operator in Qatar to Support the iPad and iPhone 4 with New Micro Sim

12 June, 2010:  Vodafone announced that it will be the first mobile operator in Qatar to support the new iPad and iPhone 4, as well as other future high-end devices, with the launch of the Micro-SIM needed for these devices.

The new Micro-SIM is more than 50% smaller at 15mm x 12mm than the current SIMS in the market that are 25mm x 15mm, and offers the same great features than their bigger counterpart.  The new Micro-SIM can also be used with all Vodafone's services such as Mobile Internet Packs and Flexi on Red and Freedom.

"Vodafone is very proud and excited to be the first mobile operator that's on the forefront of supporting innovation in Qatar.  The Micro-SIM will give thousands of existing and new  Vodafone customers the ability to use their high-tech devices, especially the new iPhone 4 which Vodafone will be bringing to Qatar in the coming months," said Jan Holzberg, Vodafone Qatar's Head of Business Marketing.

Starting from Wednesday 16 June, 2010, any existing Vodafone customer that owns a device that needs a Micro-SIM, can go to their nearest Vodafone retail store and exchange their current SIM with a new Micro SIM at no cost.  New customers can purchase a Micro-SIM at the same current Welcome Pack price of QR 25.



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