Vodafone ‘Shops On Wheels’ One Year On The Road

Mobile stores offering special deals to celebrate

29 December 2010:  Vodafone Qatar is celebrating the one year anniversary of their two ‘Shops on Wheels' mobile stores today by offering special prices on a range of Vodafone handsets sold from these stores.

Painted in Vodafone's unmistakable multi-colour scheme, for the past 12 months both Vodafone mobile stores have visited all areas of the country to provide Freedom and Red plans, exclusive Vodafone handsets and Vodafone Mercedes McLaren merchandise.

Vodafone Qatar is the first telecom provider to bring mobile stores to Qatar giving customers the convenience of obtaining Vodafone services at the times they want in the locations they can reach easily.

"These are the most technically advanced mobile retail stores to arrive in Qatar. They travel across the country, making a world of difference to all the people in Qatar by giving everyone the chance to jump into the exciting world of Vodafone," said Commercial Manager Hesham Aly. 

To experience the "Shops on Wheels" and would like the mobile stores to visit your area, please call Vodafone's customer service centre (111 from your Vodafone mobile phone) or 800 7111 from any other phone and register your interest.




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