Vodafone Shareholder Star Number Offer Extended To 31 March

18 January 2011: Vodafone Qatar shareholders have one more opportunity to save money on a Star Number with the closing date of the Shareholder Star Number Voucher offer extended to 31st March.

Vodafone Star Number Vouchers range in value from QR500 up to QR50,000 discount on the price of an exclusive Star Number depending on the number of shares owned.

Vodafone shareholders eligible to receive a Star Number Voucher are as follows: shareholders whose name was listed on the Qatar Exchange share register on the date of the Vodafone Qatar Initial Public Offering (May 2009), or at the Vodafone Qatar financial year end (31 March 2010), or at the Vodafone Qatar General Assembly (28 June 2010), or the Q3 2010 (30 September 2010) or Q4 2010 (31 December 2010) financial reporting period closing dates. 

With many vouchers already redeemed and shareholders enjoying the privilege of an exclusive Star Number, Vodafone encourages all remaining shareholders to redeem their Star Number voucher at a Vodafone retail store before the end of March 2011.

"Since August we have mailed more than 82,000 vouchers to shareholders to say shukran for their invaluable support," says Acting CEO John Tombleson.  "We've accomplished many things in our first year, and none of them would have been possible without the commitment of our shareholders.  This is our way of saying Thank You to a special group of people."

Vodafone Qatar shareholders who have misplaced or did not receive a Star Number Voucher should present their Qatari ID or passport at a Vodafone retail store to claim and redeem their voucher before 31st March.

"We are delighted to announce one final opportunity for our shareholders to enjoy the benefits of a Vodafone Star Number," added John Tombleson.

The Vodafone Shareholder Star Number Voucher offer will end on 31st March 2011. For more information about Vodafone Shareholder Star Number Vouchers, please visit www.vodafone.com.qa/shareholders



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