Vodafone Qatar To Give 3 Days Of Free Blackberry Service To Customers Impacted By RIM Outage

15 October, 2011: Following Research In Motion (RIM), the provider of BlackBerry, announcement on the restoration of BlackBerry services after the outage that affected customers in Qatar and other parts of the world, Vodafone Qatar will be providing its BlackBerry customers with 3 days of free BlackBerry services.

"We understand how frustrating it was for our BlackBerry customers last week.  We thank all of them for their patience and hope that they can now go back to enjoying Vodafone Qatar's BlackBerry service," said Richard Daly, CEO, Vodafone Qatar.

RIM have informed Vodafone that all services, including email, BlackBerry Messenger and web browsing, have now been restored and are running normally. If customers continue to experience problems, they should reset their BlackBerry handsets by removing then re-inserting the battery.

Vodafone Qatar will contact affected customers directly.




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