Vodafone Qatar Starts Its Summer 2011 Internship Programme


12 July 2011:  Vodafone Qatar has started its summer 2011 Internship program for University Graduates, as part of Vodafone's Talent Development Strategy.  Vodafone has designed the programme to provide the Interns with a practical working experience in a professional environment and to contribute in shaping their future career.

The summer internship programme offered by Vodafone was first launched in June 2009.  This year's summer programme started off on the 3rd of July 2011 with an induction program which introduced the interns to the spectacular world of Vodafone Qatar.  During the program, Interns got an opportunity to understand how Vodafone is a Purpose Based Organization. They have also shared  what they are passionate about with the senior leaders from Vodafone Qatar.

During this 6-8 week course, the Interns will be given the chance to work on various projects in different departments of Vodafone Qatar. Each intern has been assigned a mentor who's job is to help and guide them through their experience.  In addition, interns will be given the chance to access various training programs and once the interns are done with their training, they will be asked to present to the senior staff and share with them their learning experience at Vodafone.

"Our internship programme offers students first hand experience of what it is like to work within an international organisation.  This summer, we have 11 students working in different parts of Vodafone Qatar, where they can put theory into practice and gain experience and exposure to the world of Vodafone Qatar," said Katrina Schmahl, Head of Recruitment and Nationalisation, Vodafone Qatar.

"The internship programme is an ideal opportunity for us to identify and work with those individuals who could become a part of our talent pipeline and contribute to our future success," said Jan Mottram, HR Director, Vodafone Qatar.



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