Vodafone Qatar Shareholders’ overwhelming response to online number reservation - 1st in Qatar to sell online

Doha, 19 May, 2009: Vodafone Qatar gave a demonstration today to the media on how their “1st Shareholders” are taking advantage of Vodafone’s innovative way of reserving numbers via their website www.vodafone.com.qa.

“Many thousands of our “1st Shareholders” have already visited Vodafone’s Internet Store to select their numbers, to join Vodafone and use our services” said, Michael Portz, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Qatar.

“Vodafone Qatar is proud to bring exciting innovations to Qatar like buying online. We are delighted by our customers’ response to this. Our customers don’t have to leave the comfort of their own home to shop- no queues and stress free! Vodafone is a firm believer in the value of online, and we can’t wait to showcase all that’s new and innovative when we open our online store for everyone in Qatar, very soon, This will truly be a world of difference for all of the people in Qatar,” said DeEtte Christie, Head of Online, Vodafone Qatar.

Vodafone’s “1st shareholders” can select up to three numbers by simply by entering their Qatari ID number and PIN Number on Vodafone’s Internet Store. Shareholders can search for their numbers in many different and exciting ways. For example, they can search by birthday or by their favourite number or by entering their current telephone number. The charge for number reservation starts at 500 QAR or shareholders can accept a randomly generated number for FREE!. Shareholders that love special numbers can reserve “Star Numbers” at the fixed prices listed on the internet.

Once shareholders have their number they have the choice of two great value for money monthly plans to start using Vodafone’s services and their NEW number!

Option 1) Pay QR100 and get a value package worth QR250
Option 2) Pay QR350 and get a value package worth QR1000.

During the Shareholder promotion, Vodafone has seen upwards of 8,000 visitors a day coming to the site generating between 200,000 and 250,000 searches a day for numbers. The average amount of time spent on Vodafone’s website is 14 minutes- which is unheard of. Most sites are extremely happy to get 3. This proves that Qatar is again leading the world and is an online country!

The “1st Shareholders” promotional bundles are available for use until the end of September and “1st Shareholders” will continue to have exclusive access to numbers until Vodafone’s online store opens for all the people in Qatar.

“Our 1st Shareholders” will receive their PIN numbers by mail and SMS and if they need more information or help can call Vodafone’s customer care centre number on 800 7 111.


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