Vodafone Qatar’s World of Difference Programme “Impacting Lives” Graduates its First Students


22 July, 2010: "Impacting Lives" one of Vodafone Qatar's "World of Difference" initiatives, which aims to teach English to construction and field workers in Doha in order to better inform them about their surroundings and the culture of the country, has concluded the first 4 week pilot.

The 25 students that took part in the pilot were from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka and following the conclusion of the pilot received a graduation certificate and enjoyed a celebratory dinner.

Through Impacting Lives, Prof. Giovanni Espinal, an English language professor at Qatar University, is trying to reach as many workers as possible in order to share basic information that in some situations can be the difference between life and death. This is the case when students learn about the dangers of eating expired food or drinking cleaning liquids or about heat stress.

"I'm thrilled that the students kept their promise of coming every Friday to the class. You could feel their joy at being able to finish something and get rewarded. I have learned a lot from the students and ready to kick start the programme in September. More so, look forward to giving the workers something fun and different to do on Fridays which will make a world of difference for them," said Giovanni Espinal.

"The novelty of Impacting lives compared to traditional literacy programs is that students are improving their English skills but also learning useful information for their lives. At the end of the course they will become more confident and able to adapt and understand their new environment. The participants can also bring their new learning to their friends and families and ensure that the programme benefits not just few people but a whole community" said Luisa Gentile, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Vodafone Qatar.

If you are interested to learn more about Impacting Lives and its future development, visit Giovanni Espinal's  blog at impactinglivesdoha.wordpress.com



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