Doha, 7 December 2011: Vodafone’s Al Johara entrepreneurs enthusiastically attended Cherie Blair’s Retailer Study which was launched at the Middle East Telco Summit in Dubai last week. The launch was hosted by Mrs. Blair where she released her global study report which was conducted on the study of Women who work in the Mobile Value Chain. Al Johara’s team of Qatari businesswomen proudly participated in the research for her report conveying their significantly developed skills in business and personal growth with their innovative entrepreneurial mobile businesses as Vodafone Qatar’s Sales Representatives. The event was a huge success as it was packed with a diverse audience showing great interest in the report and supported its main message which focused on the benefit of the existence of women in the retail chains of mobile operators for both the women and business itself. Cherie Blair said ‘With 14 operators and 11 markets covered in this study, this is the first piece of published literature of its kind that specifically investigates a supporting argument for women to play a positive role in the retail chains of mobile operators’. Hayfaa’s Al Marii , team manager of Al Johara who participated in the panel discussion after the launch of the paper said, “Women benefit from being in the value chain in Mobile. Setting up a mobile business is comparatively simple and allows a flexible way to earn additional income whilst learning on the job .Being Joharas has been life changing for some of our Joharas. We and they are very proud of their achievements.” “It was a real privilege to participate in the global study,” said Susie Kelt, Johara Channel Manager of Vodafone. “The women vendors are particularly motivated sales people because this enables them to earn an income and contribute to the welfare of their family and children. They are clever at thinking creatively about how to facilitate entrepreneurship within the constraints of a traditional market. Importantly, training should not primarily focus on the technical. Learning more self confidence is essential for a successful sales career,” continued Susie Kelt.


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