Vodafone Qatar Runs Coaching Workshops for its Leaders

24 June 2010: As part of its commitment to being a centre for talent development, Vodafone Qatar is running workshops for 65 of its leaders, focussed specifically on coaching.

The workshops are training Vodafone's leaders to have  more powerful leadership conversations with their employees and to provide more feedback,coaching and support with people's development.  

Coaching is just one of the many conversations leaders have with their employees that enable them to achieve excellence, learn and grow. During the workshop, Vodafone's leaders explore the variety, quantity and quality of conversations they have and specifically, learn tools that help them have 'on-target' conversations that build clarity, alignment and commitment.

"The single biggest difference we can have in the market is our people and that means leading with worldliness, vitality and heart. I expect our leaders have this as their highest priority," said Vodafone Qatar's HR Director, Jan Mottram.

Vodafone Qatar has partnered with The Zone, global specialists in building purpose-based organisations, to design and deliver the programme.




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