Vodafone Qatar Ready to Implement ictQATAR New Numbering Plan

22 June, 2010:   With only a few days left until phone numbers will change in Qatar, Vodafone Qatar is fully ready to help their customers.

From 28 July 2010, the ictQATAR new numbering plan will see mobile and fixed line numbers in Qatar automatically gain an extra digit. This means repeating the first digit in the number. For example, if a Vodafone Qatar customer's number is currently 7925522, it will become 77925522.

Because everyone will need to update many of the numbers on their contact list, it's important to remember that the change only affects numbers beginning with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Emergency services will still be available on 999 and 112, and the numbers for Vodafone Customer Care, 111 and 800 7111, will also remain the same.

With a population that's continuing to grow, this is the best way to meet future demand for numbers. Vodafone will be helping their customers through the transition in their stores and through Vodafone Customer Care call centres. If customers have any queries or require assistance they should call into any store or call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 or  8007111.

More information can also be found at www.vodafone.com.qa.




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