Vodafone Qatar Reaches More Than 700,000 Customers

9 January 2011: Vodafone Qatar continues to extend its share of the mobile telecom market in Qatar by achieving a record 711,000 which is 43% of the population on 31 December 2010. This represents growth of 18% over the quarter, or over 1,200 customers per day.

At the end of September 2010, Vodafone Qatar had announced that it reached 601,000 customers, so in just 3 months Vodafone has attracted an impressive figure of 110,000 additional customers.

Vodafone Qatar's achievement is supported by focusing on enhancing the quality and capacity of its mobile network which is robust and reliable, providing clear mobile communications all across Qatar. Vodafone Qatar has 100% 2G coverage across the whole of Qatar and has also deployed the latest available 3G technology, UMTS 2100 and 900, which provides 3G coverage to 98% of Qatar's population.  Vodafone Qatar's network now supports customers making over 5 million minutes of calls every day and Vodafone are continuing to invest further to ensure Qatar has a world class network to support the country into the future

"We're proud that in less than 2 years of commercial operations over 700,000 customers have chosen to use Vodafone every day! This is a great achievement for our shareholders, staff and partners. We are committed to make a world of difference to all the people in Qatar and will continue to bring innovative and exciting services to the market," said John Tombleson, Acting CEO, Vodafone Qatar.

Over the past few months Vodafone has continued to delight its customers with the introduction of new promotions, products and services. The last 3 months have seen innovations launched like Vodafone Money Transfer and the first-ever credit reload application in Facebook, in addition to the launch of Vodafone's services to Business customers.




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